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Homebody Program

Training at home is SEXY with Bombshell Fitness.

Life is busy. Family, career, school, daily to-dos…the list goes on and on. With such busy schedules, it can be difficult to make it to the gym regularly. But, not to worry, Bombshell Fitness will help you squeeze in a sweat ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with our NEW HOMEBODY Program.

This isn’t your average at-home workout program. This isn’t watered-down or “last resort” training. It’s not pink dumbbells or jumping around aimlessly. The Bombshell Fitness HOMEBODY program is designed to strategically & specifically sculpt a LEAN, SEXY HOURGLASS-SHAPED BOMBSHELL BODY.

Based on the same principles as the Bombshell gym-based programs that have transformed thousands of women’s bodies over the last 10 years, HOMEBODY allows you to shape tight curves from the comfort of your home—or wherever else your busy life takes you!

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Home Sweat Home

HOMEBODY is more than just a workout plan. It’s a FULL-SERVICE FITNESS PROGRAM, including INDIVIDUALIZED NUTRITION PLANS, 1-ON-1 COACHING & MORE. We offer everything you need to be successful:


Even though you’ll be training at home, YOU’LL NEVER BE “ALONE” ON YOUR JOURNEY. You’ll have your OWN BOMBSHELL COACH to help guide, support, motivate and push you to YOUR BEST.


Each month, your Coach will CUSTOMIZE your Bombshell plan to ensure you get the optimal TRAINING, NUTRITION and SUPPLEMENT program for YOUR GOALS & PROGRESS.


For optimal results, training must be complemented by SMART NUTRITION that suits YOUR lifestyle—whether you want daily meals spelled out, a more flexible meal plan or a Vegan program. ALL Nutrition programs feature nutrient-rich foods that create glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails.


Your Coach will study your WEEKLY progress photos and update your NUTRITION & TRAINING PLAN, if needed, based on your progress.


In addition to having access to your coach for unlimited support, we have an online EXERCISE LIBRARY so you can perfect your form whenever, wherever & LIVE CHAT during business hours for INSTANT ANSWERS to your questions.


We offer a private social network and Facebook groups for Members to “meet up.” You’ll LOVE the friendship and sisterhood of fellow Bombshells on a similar journey. They’ll cheer you on, lift you up and inspire you to keep going!

HOMEBODY Master Trainer – Tatum Bounds

A trainer for over ten years, IFBB PRO athlete and a Mom of four amazing children, Coach Tatum has mastered the art of making FIT happen. Working closely with the Founder of Bombshell Fitness Shannon Dey, Tatum developed the HOMEBODY curriculum to ensure you can reach your fitness goals—no matter how busy you are. And, she is 100% dedicated to her clients’ success:

“I’m a Coach, because I love helping others reach their fullest potential. I have found over the last decade that my true passion is found in educating, motivating and changing the way my clients feel about themselves. When my clients are successful, I feel complete and successful!”


We offer a HOMEBODY Accessory Kit to ensure you are equipped with the key training tools to complete your workouts, including Bombshell Sliders, B-Banded Resistance Bands, Bombshell Handle Band & Jump Rope, which all fit in a durable (and adorable) Bombshell Backpack. The Bombshell Stability Ball is also included in the Kit. You can purchase when you apply for your Membership or separately.

In addition to the HOMEBODY Accessory Kit, we recommend picking up a few sets of dumbbells to make the most of the HOMEBODY Workouts.


Fitness Freedom Starts Here For Just $99/MONTH

With The HOMEBODY Program, you can build a beautiful BOMBSHELL BODY without being confined to a gym. So be free—do your thing wherever, whenever, however you like. Heck, you can even train in your favorite PJs or your birthday suit! And, remember—you may be training at home, but you’ll never be alone on your fitness journey. You’ll receive UNLIMITED SUPPORT & 1-ON-1 COACHING to ensure you reach your fitness goals once and for all.

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