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Founded in 2007, Team Bombshell is THE Original Competition Team. Since it’s inception, Team Bombshell has produced MORE IFBB PRO’S than ANY other competitive organization in the WORLD. With PROVEN methods that create EXACTLY what the judges are looking for, Team Bombshell is the gold standard in competitive training. In addition, the Bombshell system will not only create an amazing stage look, but you will have full support AFTER the show to ensure that you stay lean, healthy and sexy year round. Whether you are preparing for your first show and need all the basics or you a seasoned Pro heading for the Olympia, Team Bombshell has all of the knowledge, tools and support to take you to the top!

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Bombshell Fitness Competition prep is 100% natural. Absolutely NO illegal or unhealthy supplements are utilized. This means that the Competitor must be even MORE compliant to her plan. On a 100% natural program, cardiovascular work is required as well as following a clean nutrition program with targeted cheat meals.

Fit-Pro Standards & Requirements-Please Read Thoroughly!

Acceptance in to the Fit-Pro Program/Team Bombshell is subject to review by the Bombshell Fitness Coaching Staff. Applicants will be placed in Team levels (outlined below) based on Competition history as well as at the Coaches discretion based on current fitness levels.

Applicants deemed not yet ready to join the Competition Team will be eligible to join the Bombshell Fitness Pro-Fit Program and move to Fit-Pro as their fitness level improves.

Team members may graduate to the next level at any time based on placings and/or progress with Coach approval. However, Team levels will be reviewed annually. Any member who did not reach the requirements of her current level within the previous calendar year may be demoted to a previous level.

Time Commitment Contest Prep: In order to become “stage ready” Competitors MAY be required to perform two cardiovascular workouts per day in addition to her weight training anywhere from one to five days per week beginning anywhere from 2-12 weeks out from her Competition date and may be reduced closer to stage time. Time spent performing cardiovascular work is very much dependent on the individuals ability to follow her nutrition program, how much weight needs to be lost during contest preparation and how her individual body responds.

Time Commitment Improvement Season: The duration in which a Competitor is not within 8-12 weeks of Competition is considered Improvement Season. During this time one workout per day five days per week and one moderate cardio workout 2-5 days per week is required depending on the individual.

Bombshell Fitness recommends that Competitors join Bombshell as far out from their competition date as possible in order to maximize body shaping before the competition prep phase begins. Cardiovascular work is performed by all Bombshell Fitness Competitors even if the individual does not need to lose weight. In this case, the cardiovascular work is very limited and utilized for shaping and skin tightness rather than weight loss.


  • Unique workout, nutrition and cardio plans based upon body type, stage of contest prep and individual body response
  • Different workouts every day of the month— every month
  • New plans sent every four weeks and adjusted more often as needed
  • Extensive new member orientation
  • Personal IFBB Pro Bombshell Fitness Coach
  • Access to the extensive Bombshell Fitness Video Exercise Library
  • Access to the exclusive Bombshell Fitness Social Network
  • Weekly progress photo updates, reviews and needed adjustments
  • Weekly posing video critiques
  • Unlimited access to Bombshell Coaches though live chat
  • Show Path & Suit selection consultation
  • Complete head-to-toe “stage look” consultation
  • FREE final week prep and final week program adjustments
  • Daily photo updates during final week prep
  • Text and/or in person guidance during competition weekend
  • Access to Backstage coaching at National and highly recognized competitions
  • Extensive post show critique
  • Access to in person or Skype posing sessions
  • Access to Bombshell Fitness Fit-Pro Competition Training Academies
  • Post show plans, guidance and support to ensure smooth transition to the improvement season

Team Bombshell 2016 Levels


  • New to the Competition Industry
  • Never placed Top 5 in any Competition
  • Must have weight training experience


  • Nationally Qualified but not yet ready to compete at the National level
  • Top 5 Open or Masters placing in two National Qualifiers
  • Top 5 Open or Masters placing in one highly recognized National Qualifier
  • Win Open Class at any Competition
  • Win Masters Class at any Competition


  • Nationally Qualified with the potential to turn Pro
  • Top 5 Open or Masters at a Pro Qualifier Competition
  • Win Open Class in one highly recognized National Qualifier
  • Win Masters Class in one highly recognized National Qualifier
  • Win Overall Novice in one highly recognized National Qualifier


  • IFBB Pro Status- Coached in tandem by Gennifer Strobo and Shannon Dey