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Challenge your strength and endurance!

TWO minutes each with ONE minute rest between each exercise

BOMiCON 2017

Barbell Curl & Press

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Arms are down in front, overhand gripping a barbell with both hands. Reverse curl the barbell up just under the chin, then press it up overhead. Lower the weight back to the starting position. Repeat.

BOMiCON 2017

Bench Over Push-Up

Start with both hands on an aerobic bench, bring one hand down to the floor and complete a push up. Return hand from the floor to bench and repeat on other side.

BOMiCON 2017

Box Jump

Jump onto box and then immediately back down to the starting position. Immediately explode back up onto the box. Perform movement as quickly as you safely can.

BOMiCON 2017

in & outs

Begin by sitting on the ground with your hands slightly behind your hips, fingertips facing forward, and your knees bent with your feet hovering above the ground. Extend your legs out so they straighten without touching the ground and your chest back so that your elbows touch the ground. Return to starting position.

The Gauntlet – FRIDAY 11:30AM – 5:30PM GARDEN TERRACE

Push your limits and test your speed!

BOMiCON 2017


Sprint to the first cone, touch it with your hand, turn and immediately sprint back to the starting spot and touch cone there. Repeat.

BOMiCON 2017

Hula Hoop

Complete 10 rotations with your Hula Hoop and you’re off. Rotations don’t need to be consecutive!

BOMiCON 2017

Frog Jumps

Time to hop to it! Start in a standing position with feet shoulder width apart. Go into a deep squat, placing your hands on the ground. Next, jump from the deep squat position as high as you can, land softly and replace your hands on the ground. Keep hoppin’ until you’ve reached the goal!

BOMiCON 2017


Finish strong with the ultimate full body burner! Start in standing position. Lower into a full squat and position hands on the ground. Jump your feet back into a push-up plank position. Do a push-up, then pop up using the power from your hips to bring your legs in toward your hands. Stand up and end with a explosive jump squat. Repeat for specified reps. Congrats, girl! You made it!

BOMiCON 2017

Jump Rope

Keep the rhythm going to win and complete 25 jumps faster than the competition.

BOMiCON 2017

Bear Crawl

Get down with your bad self and bear crawl 30 feet under pressure to complete this obstacle.

BOMiCON 2017

Bench Jump

Stand in front of the bench and jump over it with two feet as fast as you can. Repeat until you have jumped over all 4 benches.

BOMiCON 2017

Sprint 100 Yards

Get ready to sprint down 50 yards to the line & back to start line​ to move on to the next obstacle.

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