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Take your passion for Bombshell Fitness to the next level.

Inspire others to transform, increase your income, share your knowledge and do what you love!

Thursday, November 5th, 2020 • 11am – 6pm EST

Bombshell Fitness Headquarters

For the second time, Bombshell Fitness is offering its V.I.P Members the opportunity to spread their love of Bombshell as a Certified Bombshell Coach.
You’ll be able to train your clients using the proprietary Bombshell Training System™ while also earning additional incremental income from merchandise, membership and program sales.


Last Chance to receive this Inaugural Training for $400.
This initial training is being offered at a significantly reduced rate (60% off), as we want to learn from your experiences to strengthen this program over time. Submit your application and fees today to lock in your spot. Should you not be selected for the training, you will be refunded your payment.


We are only opening this initial training up to a limited number of qualified V.I.P Bombshell Members. We are looking for a combination of experience living the Bombshell Fitness lifestyle and passion for fitness and helping others achieve their best.


Learn Bombshell Training System & Philosophy

From the foundational principles of our workout programming to our in-person training style, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the hourglass-shaping Bombshell approach.

Access To Workout Database

No need to rack your brain designing new and interesting workouts for your clients. Each month, we’ll provide a variety of workouts for you to take your clients through.

Business Development Support

Founder/CEO Shannon Dey will teach you her success strategies for developing and maintaining your client roster.

Ready-To-Order Marketing Materials

To help you stand out from the crowd, Bombshell business cards, logos and shirts will be available for order.

In-House Support

The Bombshell staff will be available to answer questions and support your efforts.

Access To Online Community For Coaches & Clients

We’ll host a private Facebook group for all our Certified Coaches’ clients to interact and get motivated. We’ll also offer a private group for Certificated Coaches to get connected and help one another succeed.

Earn Commissions From Merch Sales

Increase your income by earning extra commissions from Bombshell product and service sales.

Earn On-going Commissions From Membership Sales

If your clients wish to become Bombshell V.I.P. Members, you can earn ongoing monthly income for the duration of their memberships!

Bombshell Certification FAQ

Do I need to be a V.I.P Member to become a Certified Bombshell Coach?
Yes, at this time, we require that our Certified Coaches be V.I.P Bombshell Members. We believe that you must live the Bombshell lifestyle to impart the training philosophy and the spirit of what being a Bombshell is all about.
Will I continue to pay the same membership rate once I am a Certified Bombshell Coach?
Yes, your membership fees cover your personal coaching and customized plan.
Will I have to pay additional annual fees to maintain my certification?
No, not at this time. Your Certification is a one-time fee. However, you will have to maintain your personal Bombshell membership to remain a Certified Bombshell Coach.
Do I need another personal training certification to coach?
You do not need to have a personal training certification to complete the Bombshell Certification Course. However, to train clients at a gym or other training facility, you must abide by their requirements, which typically include certification from a national personal training organization like NASM, ACE, etc.
Do the clients I coach have to be V.I.P. Bombshell Members?
No, they do not! However, we most certainly still consider your clients a part of the Bombshell family. We will have a private Facebook group for your clients to all interact and support each other. Also, you will be able to make commissions selling your clients (and others) Bombshell products and services, including merchandise, supplements, camps and much more. In addition, if your clients decide they no longer want in-person personal training services but would like to continue to be a part of the Bombshell family, you can sell them a Bombshell Membership and make a percentage of their monthly fees for the duration of their membership! How cool is that? You can make money long after you stop working with a client.
Do I need my own insurance to coach?
It is always wise to get insurance as a personal trainer/coach.
How will my sales be tracked and paid for merchandise and membership commissions?
You will be given a discount code that we will use to track your sales. Each month, you will be cut a check for your commissions.

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