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While our Transformations section showcases impressive physical changes, “Inspirations” is about showcasing a variety of unique and fascinating journeys taken to accomplish those transformations. At the core of each Bombshell Inspiration is one common element. Courage. Each was faced with cultural, physical, emotional or situational challenges that could have easily prevented them from aspiring change, nonetheless achieving it.

Failure was most certainly an option. Success was their choice.

Eileen Laird

AGE: 53
HOMETOWN: Hamilton Square, NJ
OCCUPATION: Executive Assistant / Wife / Mother of 3

Unworthy and worthless, both have different meanings but to me it meant the same – not good enough. 

Throughout my entire life I was plagued with feelings of inferiority and self-doubt. I was the shadow to my older sister, the follower, the quiet as a mouse sidekick who never dared to do anything outside of the box.

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Evelyn Davis

AGE: 37
HOMETOWN: Goose Creek, SC
OCCUPATION: USAF Technical Sergeant – Air Transportation Craftsman

My past year being with Bombshell Fitness has been nothing but phenomenal! I started out on the “Under Construction” program, now known as “Pro-Fit”. Back then, I just wanted to look and feel better about my appearance and improve my overall health. Participating in any type of fitness competition was the furthest thing from my mind.

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AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Little Elm, Texas
OCCUPATION: Senior Management-Executive Recruiting

When I first joined Bombshell, I thought the team was about meal plans cardio plans, bikinis, clear heels and weightlifting. Coaches, progress pictures, self-doubt, accomplishments and supplements too. After that I learned our coaching staff is willing to go above and beyond, answering emails at all hours of the night and on weekends, because they truly care so much about us.

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AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Special Education Teacher

I have been overweight my entire life. I grew up always admiring the bodies of body builders, hoping and dreaming that one day I would look like that. I always followed several Bombshell Athletes and always pictured myself with a body like theirs. As time went by, my urge to become a Bombshell became stronger and stronger but got discouraged because that dream was so far out of my reach.

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AGE: 43
HOMETOWN: San Antonio, Texas
OCCUPATION: Certified Trainer

My name is Angela…and I’m a closet cancer survivor. I never dreamed that “cancer survivor” would be a label that would apply to me, but that’s who I am and I’m proud of that accomplishment! Yet, it’s taken me years to talk about my experience – much less come of out of the closet to tell anyone I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma stage 2 when I was just 13 years old.

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Deepika Chowdhury

AGE: 30
HOMETOWN: Pune, Maharashtra
OCCUPATION: Technical Assistant at National Institute of Virology

Two years back I had no motivation towards fitness as a lifestyle. I was extremely skinny fat female with lots of anger management issues. My married life was completely disturbed due to instable relation with my in-laws as we stay together in a joint family. It was affecting my job as a technical assistant in a government research institute.

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