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Chrissy Avila

AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Little Elm, Texas
OCCUPATION: Senior Management-Executive Recruiting

When I first joined Bombshell, I thought the team was about meal plans cardio plans, bikinis, clear heels and weightlifting. Coaches, progress pictures, self-doubt, accomplishments and supplements too. After that I learned our coaching staff is willing to go above and beyond, answering emails at all hours of the night and on weekends, because they truly care so much about us. And as a reminder ladies, if it’s not urgent don’t email your coach on the weekend. She loves you so much that she will feel bad if she doesn’t respond, even when she should be spending time with her family.

Next I went to camp and met a world of women just like me, insecure and full of self doubt, and many of those women are my closest friends today. All confident and as beautiful today as they were the day we first met. We learned about form, the tour of Daytona, posing, how to walk in those heels, ISO bags, shaker bottles, Tupperware, amino’s, 1 million flavors of protein powder and 1 billion different recipes you can make with your protein. Then I discovered the amazing world of Bombshell bling. T-shirts, tank tops, sweatpants, coolers, hats, necklaces, anything you could possibly imagine blinged out so you can rock that Bombshell look when you go home.

I learned about dedication, drive, desire, and willpower. The moments that get tough are the moments where you need these learned skills the most, and that’s where your friends and coaches help you throughout your journey. I learned that falling down doesn’t mean failure, I learned how to get back up and continue on my journey. I’ve had peaks and valleys, layoffs, divorce, love, loss of loved ones, death, unhappiness, and some of the most wonderful moments of my life have all happened over the last 19 months. Bombshell has driven a lot of those wonderful moments for me. Bombshell, my coaches, and the amazing women that I’ve met throughout this journey have helped me realize that those dips in life are just that, dips, but I can climb to the top as long as I don’t give up. We all come across adversity throughout our journeys, it’s having the drive and the strength, and being humble enough to rely on others to help you get to your goal. That will ultimately bring you to your best self.

I learned how to lose weight, and put on muscle. And transform my body into what I thought the ideal image was. After that, I learned there is no ideal image, but there is ideal HEALTH. There is also an ideal mindset, that took me a long time to learn. I learned that competing with only yourself is how you win and that uplifting others will help you along your journey. I’ve learned to never judge because you never know where someone is in their journey, and today doesn’t mark the end of your journey, it marks just the beginning. I’m now in my 19th month as a team Bombshell member, and every day I start my journey, leaving yesterday behind me. I’ve competed in three shows, come home with trophies along with defeat. When I joined Bombshell I had no idea I would even ever stop onstage, I just wanted to learn how to be healthy.

All the things I listed above absolutely represent what it means to be a Bombshell. But for me there’s one more thing that hits close to home, and probably the most important part of being a Bombshell. It’s the sisterhood. I’ve made friends with women all across the globe, some live in the state some live in my town and some live halfway across the country. But we all share one common bond, our desire to better ourselves, our desire to better others, and our desire to uplift women to be the best version of themselves.

I can’t speak for others, but I can speak for myself when I say joining Bombshell I was solely consumed with myself and making myself better. Boy has that changed. Spending countless days countless hours and countless weeks with these women have taught me that everybody has their own struggle and everybody needs to be uplifted at some time. Even when I’m down I can help someone else when they need me.

Sisterhood spans across the globe, from Facebook messages to text messages to emails to phone calls to lunches and dinners Academy weekends and competitions. We have each other throughout that entire process. I decided to write this blog because I really feel the friendships I’ve made through bombshell are some of the most sound, healthy, trusting and understanding relationships I’ve every had, and hope every girl out there has this same opportunity.

So I will leave you with this thought. When you wake up tomorrow morning, think not what can I do for ME, but what can I do to positively impact someone else? Perhaps a call to a bombshell you haven’t spoken to in some time, perhaps some extra family time instead of TV time, or just a casual smile to a stranger. Go out and take on the world and be a true BOMBSHELL. Act like a bombshell, walk like a bombshell, talk like a bombshell, BE a bombshell!


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