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AGE: 30
HOMETOWN: Pune, Maharashtra
OCCUPATION: Technical Assistant at National Institute of Virology, India


Two years back I had no motivation towards fitness as a lifestyle. I was extremely skinny fat female with lots of anger management issues. My married life was completely disturbed due to instable relation with my in-laws as we stay together in a joint family. It was affecting my job as a technical assistant in a government research institute. It scares me to think about my mental status two years back. In all this stress I had completely ruined my health and lost all my self confidence. It was my husband’s suggestion to join his gym and start working out with him. I was doing it half heartedly as I knew nothing about it. I used to ask hundreds of questions everyday to my trainer regarding exercises and machines in the gym. He was so fed up of me that he advised me to take certification course from the best fitness academy in our country called K11 fitness academy. I finished my personal trainer course and sports nutrition course from the academy. During this period I came to know about bodybuilding as a sport. I never knew it existed for females as well. I started looking into it and I came to know about bikini, figure and physique division. I was extremely fascinated by the women who compete in these categories, especially bikini and figure athletes. I started reading more about these athletes and developed a strong desire to look like them someday. I shared this feeling people who are close to me. But looking at my structure nobody would take me seriously. When all this was happening around my mind, I heard about the only international bodybuilding event in India called Sheru Classic. I bought the passes and attended this event. In all the seminars, there was one seminar by Shannon Dey. She was the first athlete I had ever seen in my life. I saw her and I said “I want to have a body like hers.” I can kill myself for that. She looked perfect in those strong arms, shoulders and tiny waist. When she started talking, I was literally crying because she was saying everything that I wanted to do with my mind and body.
I wanted to change everything about me. She was the first person who explained fitness
as a lifestyle and as a sport. She answered all my stupid queries with lots of patience.
And then finally she taught me figure posing on my request. After her seminar, I exactly
knew what I wanted to do. To be able to transform my body and compete in the sport as
figure athlete spurred me to make fitness a priority in my life.


There is no one in India who can guide females for competing in bodybuilding as a sport in any category. In fact the literacy about the different divisions that a female can compete in is almost zero. I came to know about Bombshell Fitness through the seminar I attended in Sheru Classic by Shannon Dey and it was my only hope. I explained the whole situation to Shannon Dey and requested for her help. I was scared that she will put me away looking at my weak structure. But God loves you through his favorite children. Like an angel she offered me all the support and guidance that I required to prepare myself. If I could introduce the sport in my country as I plan to do so, it will happen only because Bombshell Fitness initiated it in this country. There is no one else like Shannon Dey who is helping females achieve their fitness goals globally at such a large extent. I was also worried about the training and diet plans. I was worried about the food items and their availability in my city. Everything was taken care of by the most awesome coach in the world Gennifer Strobo. I got familiar with the training and diet discipline when I attended Bombshell camp as soon I got registered with the team. The food items were substituted by Gennifer Strobo according to the availability and equivalent nutritional value of the substituted food. I can very well follow the entire diet plan without any problem at all. That is why as and when I get an opportunity to say it….I say that please attend Bombshell camp as it makes a huge difference towards your approach and determination to reach your fitness goals. You also get to meet best fitness friends ever. My campmates are still in
touch with me and are my inspiration. I am so proud to be part of such team!!


My support is my best friend who also happens to be my husband. It was his strong support that motivates me to keep improving every day. I was strongly opposed by my mother-in-law even for going to the gym and the kind of diet that I was following. If my husband didn’t stand for me, I could have done nothing. My brother-in-law stood by my side like my own brother and encouraged me to pursue my goals without giving any second thoughts to what others are thinking. My own mother had a problem with me wearing a bikini. My husband convinced her that it is required for the sport as a costume. He stood by my side whenever I needed him emotionally and financially. He makes sure that I don’t loosen up on my training and my diet. Initially I was only thinking of participating in a competition. But now I want to win one. For my husband!!! My younger brother is my best critic. How much ever I try to impress him, I always get that look from him saying I need to work harder. I wish I could impress him someday with my strength, physique and achievements. My friends are best in the whole world. They all are more excited than I am for myself. All my followers and Facebook friends whom I have never met are the best part of my life today. They want to know how I train and what I eat and how will I compete. Their support and appreciation pushes me to work harder and create awareness for bodybuilding as a sport for females in my country. K11 fitness academy pointed out the errors in my form and techniques of the exercise that I do and are helping me improve on it every day. The founder of the academy Mr. Kaizzad Capadia and my teacher Mr. Mayur Sabnis are my constant source of motivation. They not only educate me but also help me to stay on track and improve on my strength and training. I will always be grateful to them for their love and timely help whenever I need it. The other major support came from a company called Neulife. They are the first who brought sports nutrition supplements to India. They strongly want to promote female fitness in India and helping a lot of athletes with sponsoring their sports supplementation requirements and promoting the work and achievements of the athletes. I expect support from my own office where I work as Technical Assistant. They don’t understand what kind of a sport it is and don’t want to know as well. It becomes difficult at times to manage meals in office hours or ask for leaves. I wish I could do well as a Figure competitor to let them know what it is all about and get interested in the sport.


My initial goal and objective was to prepare myself for Figure competition. But today I want to promote this sport in my country. I want to encourage females to step up and join me. I want them to see and enjoy the transformation in their body and mind that I am enjoying myself. I want to win some competitions and prove that females from India can also make a statement in this sport.


I can say I have just started. I get messages everyday from females across country for how I have become their inspiration. They want to achieve the body that I have achieved and are ready to change their life style. I am grateful to Bombshell Fitness for preparing me for my first competition. It is my start and there are lots of things that I need to accomplish and bring back to my country.


I can write a book on how my journey with Bombshell Fitness has changed my life. People from western countries might feel I am exaggerating but if only I could show them my life before and after, they would believe. In India it is rare to carry an athletic body for a female. When I started getting results after just 3 months of joining the team, I was looked upon with respect by the male dominated fitness community. I made new friends and started being asked for the kind of diet and exercises I follow to achieve whatever I could in terms of body transformation. I experienced my first fitness photo shoot with brilliant photographer Pushkaraj Shirke. I don’t think I had seen any other photo shoot in my country which looked like a professional fitness modeling before. After that I was noticed by the best fashion and celebrity photographer in our country Mr. Vikram Bawa. He is a beautiful human being. He had an excellent idea to fuse fitness with fashion so that we can reach more people. His brilliant creativity made it possible and he made a beautiful profile of mine. No one was convinced that a hard body with veins popping out and little bit muscularity will look so gorgeous on camera. He made it believable to people who had tons of doubts. There are no female fitness models of international standards in India. Photographers tell me that it is not main stream and the chances of accepting such female athletic body in our society are difficult. I wish to work on it and introduce fitness modeling for females in our country. To be honest, today I have precise goals to achieve in my life. I have a purpose to give meaning to my life. I want to encourage every female who wants to be part of fitness as sport to join me as a part of the team. Even if it is not for competition; just to witness the beautiful transformation that every Bombshell athlete has experienced. How can I express the feeling to see yourself transforming to the best you can. I am a more focused and confident woman now. It’s a beautiful start and I want to enjoy this journey as long as I can. I am least worried about my destination as I don’t think I want to stop.


My relationship with friends changed a lot. I made new friends and lost few old ones. My day starts with cooking for my family and myself, go to office, workout in the evening, home and next day preparation. Weekends end up in family duties. It becomes difficult to maintain social life. Friends who understood are still with me. But few got upset because I have given up on junk food, alcohol and smoking. I am no more fun girl for them. I miss them even today. But that’s alright. With family, I had to create my own space. I had to make them understand that I have my own goals and life. I understand my duties but I want to live my dreams. It is not fully understood by them. But my husband understands me very well. That is more than sufficient for me. I respect him much more today as he never stops me from growing as an individual.


First I need to increase my lean muscle mass. I need to work on my strength. I am looking forward to all the competitions Bombshell Fitness puts me in. I want to wear that suit and heels and experience the stage once. I am so excited about it. I sometimes cannot sleep thinking about how much work I still need to do to improve myself. I wish to win some competitions to make my people believe that Indian women can do well in this sport. I also wish to initiate fitness modeling for females in my country. It is the best way to reach women and show them without talking that skinny fat is not fit….strong is fit and beautiful. I wish to encourage more females to start believing in themselves and become part of this beautiful sport as bikini, figure or physique athletes. A lot of females are taking interest in knowing what Bombshell Fitness is. I wish to become a good example and help them achieve their fitness goals through Team Bombshell. Finally, I wish Shannon Dey will have her office in India someday and I will be her first regional coach in India ☺ . On serious notes, I would love to raise a lot of fit female bodies in my country and help anyone and everyone achieve their fitness goals in a scientific and healthy way…The Bombshell way!!! ☺


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