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Eileen Laird – Bombshell OVER 50 Specialist

AGE 53: Bombshell NPC Figure Competitor
HOMETOWN: Hamilton Square, NJ
OCCUPATION: Executive Assistant / Wife / Mother of 3
TRANSFORMATION: Eileen’s Transformation – Click Here

Unworthy and worthless, both have different meanings but to me it meant the same – not good enough. 

Throughout my entire life I was plagued with feelings of inferiority and self-doubt. I was the shadow to my older sister, the follower, the quiet as a mouse sidekick who never dared to do anything outside of the box. In high school I found some liquid courage that helped me get me through the tough spots. Into adulthood I continued to follow the rules, I had the marriage, a good job, three children, a nice home, everything neat and tidy as it should be but still I felt unworthy of happiness and lacked a feeling of accomplishment.

I struggled with depression and other problems throughout my twenties, thirties and into my forties all the while being the devoted wife, the caring mom, the PTA lady, the karate student, the dedicated employee, everything I was expected to be. But inside I was miserable. I finally hit bottom, my depression worsened and I needed real help. In April of 2006, I turned my life around and began to go for treatment for my condition. I also joined a group to help with my other issues. My health improved and so did my outlook on life. I no longer lived in the negative. I chose to be positive and live life one day at a time. I had been active in my forties; while my sons were taking Karate classes I joined also and received my black belt in Tang So Doo in April 2007. Although soon after that I was faced with a divorce and left the karate to begin to rebuild my life.

I didn’t do any exercise for several years and in that time met and married my wonderful husband. He is a true blessing in my life. He supports me in everything that I do and loves me unconditionally. My husband had transformed his health by exercising so he taught me how to lift weights, we joined a gym and I began to take a few classes. I took Yoga and Zumba classes but was uninspired. I had been looking at magazines and online secretly longing to get back the figure I was quickly losing due to age and bad eating habits plus the classes were not doing anything.

As we approached our 50’s we realized that our health was very important to us so we decided to make some real solid changes. We joined a Retro Fitness and began lifting on a regular schedule. We went to our first body building competition in April 2013 and I was excited. After that, I met a woman on Facebook who was going to compete at the NPC Team Universe in July so we went to go see her on stage. It was a fantastic day, a day that would change my life forever. Not only was I completely hooked on the thought of getting to compete, I just I wanted to try it out and see if I could get onstage, but just one show to cross it off my bucket list.

That day I kept hearing about these “Bombshells” who were winning a lot of the trophies and IFBB PRO cards. When I saw a few of the Bombshell girls they were beautiful beyond belief and their bodies were exceptional- that was it. I went home that day and googled anything I could find out about Bombshell, I was intrigued and based upon what I had seen at the show I knew they had a program that worked. I applied to Bombshell a few weeks later, worried that I would not be accepted, that I was too old and out of shape and “not worthy” of their program. I cried when I received the email accepting me to their Fit Pro Competition team. I drove out to Long Island to the NY Bombshell Camp that weekend very nervous and very scared. I had never done anything like this in my life.

I arrived at camp and immediately got cold feet. “What if I can’t do this?” I asked Shannon, “what if I’m too old for your program?” Shannon assured me “you will be fine”. Somehow I doubted it but I tried my very best that weekend to keep up with all the other younger girls. The coaches were so wonderful and patient but still pushed me to work past my doubts and fears and by the end of the weekend I had decided that I really wanted to be a Bombshell and everything that it stood for and I wanted to get onstage that November. So I went home and worked my little butt off, I did my cardio, my workouts and my food prep.

I loved it! I had a goal and I had a purpose. The weeks passed quickly as I got ready for my first show. My coach, Genn Strobo, was so great with me, always telling me to just keep going each day a little further than you did the day before and never give up. Her encouragement and my family’s support really pushed me through to that first show and beyond. I have had eight other shows since that first one and each prep has taught me to keep going each day a little further and push a little harder than I did the prep before. I have done well in some shows and even came in dead last in one. I just never gave up.

I recently received my first, First Place trophy in Figure Masters over 50. I finally feel I have accomplished a dream come true. Plus, the best part is I finally feel worthy to tell my story in the hopes that it will help other women who may be struggling or are uninspired and feel their best days are behind them. It’s not too late; it’s never too late to dream a new dream. As a direct result of being a Bombshell Figure athlete I have learned so much about myself and gained not only physical strength but mental fortitude and faith. For each hurdle I accomplished tore away pieces of my self- doubt and fear. I came to believe that I am an athlete, a good one, plus I can do anything that my mind tells my body to do. Most days, I don’t quit, I persevere I get up early and get my cardio done, go to work then head to the gym, this is my life and I love it! Plus I get to go onstage and show off all my hard work to the world as a Bombshell!

There are still some tough days, when I get depressed, but I have a treatment plan plus my loving husband, my precious daughter, my two wonderful sons, my amazing coach and all the incredible friends I have made through this sport that I love. I have goals today I never dreamed possible, I have dreams I never thought could come true that are coming true one after another. I have hope and faith in myself and the best part of it all is that I know that I am worthy of all these good things, I have earned them and I am grateful. I now hope to pass this along to other women, who struggle with life on life terms.

I am a living example; if “Ei” can do it so can you! It is my hope that no matter what your age you have a dream, a goal, a pursuit that fills you with a passion and drive to make it come true and that you are worthy of it all! I am honored to be given the opportunity now to try and help other women of all ages, but particularly those OVER 50. At age 53—I’m on a whole new chapter of my life that is proving to be more rewarding and satisfying than I ever imagined. If I can help inspire another women in her 50’s to push herself to be healthier, more fit, stronger and oh yes.. SEXIER (!) I’m all in!

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” Helen Keller


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