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Asia Mendoza

Team Manager / B-Competitive Coach
IFBB PRO Bikini Athlete


  • NASM personal trainer and Weight Loss Specialist
  • Perinatal Fitness Specialist
  • Midlife Fitness for Women
  • Exercise and Osteoporosis
  • Women’s Fitness Specialist

Personal Interests/Hobbies:

I enjoy finding new healthy recipes. I do this not only because I like to eat healthy, but because I want my family and friends to eat healthy as well. So on Sunday after I have finished prepping my food for the week I cook a variety of healthy foods for my family and they love it.

About Me

  • Birthplace: Edwards Air Force Base, CA
  • Three Adjectives: Hardworking, Loving, and Sexy
  • Advice: If you fall off the wagon, it’s not the end of the world. Get up, dust yourself off, and move on!
  • Weekend: Take my dog for a run on the beach.
  • Favorite Exercise: I love one-leg smith machine stiff legs, it really targets my glutes in a way that no other exercise does.
  • Favorite Bombshell Recipe:I loved having a scoop of casein and peanut butter as my last meal! I add a little water, freeze it, and eat it like ice cream. I hope to see it come up on my plan again soon.
  • Who inspires you: My dad! He always gives his best self and that inspires me to always do the same.
  • How do you push through:I love to challenge myself so it’s easy for me to push through, the more uncomfortable I am the better.
  • Motivation: My motivation comes from wanting to be healthy and full of energy so that I can really enjoy my life for as long as possible. I want to be able to do my Bombshell Cardio when I’m 80!
  • Guilty Pleasure:Pancakes! I could eat them for every meal. I don’t though. LOL
  • Favorite Quote: If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will become the sacrifice.
  • Favorite Workout Song:Spaceman by Hardwell

Proudest Achievement

My proudest accomplishment was stepping on the Team Universe stage. There were times that I cried and just wanted to give up but I didn’t, I stepped on that stage and took first in my class and earned my pro card. This experience forever changed me. I have never been so proud of myself. I now know that my potential has no limits.

Show Titles:

  • 2016 IFBB Hurricane Pro- Champion
  • 2017 Mr. Olympia Athlete
  • NPC Team Universe -1st Place

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