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DeAwna Jamison

B-Transformed V.I.P. Coach


  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Behavior Change Specialist
  • ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Roosevelt University: M.F.A. Performance
  • California State University, Fresno: B.A. Theatre
  • Harvard University: ART/Moscow Art Theatre Intensive


  • 2014 Bombshell Transformation of the Year
  • NPC Bikini National Qualifications:
    • 2016 Mid Atlantic Championships
    • 2015 NPC Coastal USA (2x)
    • 2015 East Coast Classic (2x)

About Me

  • Birthplace: San Jose, California
  • Three Adjectives: Driven, Resilient, Empathetic (& HONEST… to a fault)
  • Advice: Don’t Overthink It! We have a tendency to be the biggest obstacle in our own progress. Stay focused, stay positive. It’s as simple as one foot in front of the other. Keep going – you WILL get there.
  • Weekend: Family time watching football, riding the Harley, hiking trails or food prepping for the week
  • Favorite Exercise: Pull up, Push Downs or a Smith Inverted Leg Press
  • Favorite Bombshell Recipe: Green Monster Shake! All day – everyday!!
  • Who inspires you: Shannon Dey. Role models in my life have been few and far between, and when I think of one specific person that has continued to show the polished beauty and power that can come from life’s pressures, Shannon continues to inspire me.
  • How do you push through: I change my mindset. Instead of dreading, fearing or being overwhelmed by a workout or goal (which can be completely debilitating), I tell myself “I ONLY GET 2 more minutes on this treadmill to burn fat for the day” or “I ONLY GET 4 more shoulder workouts until I’m in that swimsuit”. It gives me that “Oh Crap – I better WORK!” moment and a sense of urgency.
  • Motivation: My son and my health. I am a breast cancer survivor and am blessed to have each new day. I do not take that for granted and will always live my best and fullest life. I want my son to see that and hopefully learn to do the same.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Gummy Bears, the red ones.
  • Favorite Quote: “Be present. Give Love. Embrace Change.” This was my personal mantra during my cancer treatment and is tattooed on my forearm.
  • Favorite Workout Song: For Cardio: “I like it” Cardi B — For Lifting: “All the Way Up” Fat Joe & Remy Ma

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