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Denise Rose

B-Transformed V.I.P. Coach
IFBB Bikini Athlete


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine – Optimal Performance
  • Training Certification 1998 – Present
  • Dotfit Sports Nutrition Specialist – 2002 – present
  • Les Mills Certification – Bodypump, BodyFlow & Grit
  • CPR Certification for Adult and Children
  • AED certified

Show Titles:

  • October 2018 San Antonio Bikini Pro – 15th
  • IFBB Pittsburgh Masters Figure Competition, August 2016, 7 th place
  • IFBB Pittsburgh Masters Figure Competiton, August 2015, 4 th place.
  • IFBB Europa Show, (Dallas) August 2013, 13 th place in ProDebut
  • Team Universe, (New Jersey) July 2013 – won Pro card in Figure Open B division!
  • North Americans, (Pittsburg) August 2012, 2 nd place
  • Masters National, (Pittsburgh) July 2011, 2 nd place
  • Atlantic States (New York, NY) June 2011, 1 st place
  • National Figure, (Atlanta, GA) 2010, 8 th place
  • Team Universe Figure Nationals, July 2010, 14 th place
  • USA Bodybuilding/Figure Championships (Las Vegas, NV) July 2008, 12 th place
  • Jr. National Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure Championship (Chicago) June 2008, 7 th place
  • USA Bodybuilding/Figure Championships (Las Vegas, NV) July 2007, 13 th place
  • Jr. National Bodybuilding/Fitness/Figure Championship, (Chicago) 2007, 12 th place
  • Texas State Bodybuilding/Figure/Fitness Championships (Houston) July 2004, 1 st Place
  • Cory Everson Classic, Birmingham, AL 2001, 1 st place

About Me

  • Birthplace: Waukon, Iowa
  • Three Adjectives: Determined, true optimist, loyal
  • Advice: Be adaptable…. change is part of life so learn to embrace & welcome change of any kind, into your life.
  • Weekend: Family time, recovery time & movie time!
  • Favorite Exercise: SO many… Legs – Canadian Deadlift because I love the stretch & the burn. Upper body – Pullovers – great stretch and hits SO many muscles (core, arms, chest, upper back)
  • Favorite Bombshell Recipe: Several but currently – Mug cake – eggwhites, protein powder, coconut oil, Such a treat!!
  • Who Inspires me: Shannon Dey, other coaches, my clients…. i am drawn to and respect anyone with a DRIVE, hard work-ethic, that never say die attitude!!
  • How do I push through: I am constantly listening to, reading, watching positive, motivational information. There is SO much negative “junk” around us and I intentionally put “good” in to offset the negativity coming at me. I like to listen to Podcasts (Shannon has some really great ones, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyers, Andy Andrews ) Search YouTube to find hundreds!
  • Motivation: I do work good under pressure SO I create deadlines for myself. I still compete so that is a deadline or other times I will sign up for a run or schedule a vacation… anything to create the timeline which works for my brain/personality
  • Guilty Pleasure: Red wine and Chocolate!!
  • Favorite Quote: If it’s worth your time, It’s worth doing right. Norbert Kruse, my Dad
  • Favorite workout song: I don’t have one… I need different music for different workouts and depends on the day. When I’m moving slow I put on a fast driving beat because I tend to stay on the beat. I love FitRadio for this because you can select the Genre, select the Beats per minute or chose by activity. I highly recommend this App!!
  • I come from a BIG family of 7 brothers & sisters, 24 nieces and nephew and FAMILY is everything to me!! Bombshell is my extended family!!

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