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Jarek Crew

B-Physique & B-Competitive Coach
IFBB Classic Physique Pro Athlete



Show Titles:

  • Dexter Jackson Classic- Novice Overall Champ, 1st In Class
  • Mid Florida Classic-overall Champ
  • Florida State Championships-1st In Class
  • Allsouth-3rd In Class
  • Team Universe-1st In Class, Earned Pro Status

About Me

  • Who Inspires me:I can’t pinpoint just one person or thing that inspires me but more so a collective of people an things that inspired and still inspire me at different stages of my life leading to where I’m at today. Among those people is my mother, raising 5 boys alone showed me how to get things done no matter what.
  • Motivation: My motivation comes from within and its something I rather not depend on to keep me going through rough patches because I’m a strong believer that motivation is temporary and discipline is permanent.
  • Proudest Achievement: My proudest achievement to date is earning my pro status in 2018 on July 1st because of the sacrifices I made to get there and the discipline Ive gained through the process.
  • Fun Fact: Im an Identical twin. Yes, there is somebody in this world that looks just like me!:)