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Valentina Sabella

Bombshell Registered Dietitian


  • Registered Dietitian
  • Dietetic Internship:
    • BayCare Hospital
    • Geriatric Nutrition
  • B.S Food Science and Human Nutrition
  • Specified Degree in Dietetics
  • University of Florida
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

About Me

  • Birthplace: Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Three Adjectives: Diligent, Passionate, Visionary
  • Advice: Guard the gates to your mind. If a thought does not serve your goals, it’s not worth your mental space.
  • Weekend: In my natural habitat, at home in sweats! Lol Most weekends you’ll find me reading, relaxing, and cooking.
  • Favorite Exercise: Weights: Deadlift and I love to hate Lunges, HIIT: Sprints, Cardio: Rollerblading
  • Favorite Bombshell Recipe: Love any variation of Overnight Oats! Yumm!
  • Who Inspires me: I am inspired by anyone who defies naysayers and achieves what others find impossible.
  • How do I push through: By returning to a place of gratitude and a laser focus on goals.
  • Motivation: Best motivation, success stories!
  • Guilty Pleasure: Chips and Salsa, Dirty Martinis, and anything with Dark Chocolate
  • Favorite Quote: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” – Sean Patrick Flanery
  • Favorite workout song: “Lose Yourself” -Eminem
  • Anything else: My love and curiosity for the science of nutrition evolved from my personal struggle. At a very young age I was exposed to the world of dieting, I can probably still name every fad diet my Mother followed. Being exposed to dysfunctional dieting with lack of results lead me to ask the questions that guided me to the field of Dietetics. Years later and misleading information continues to plague people, leaving them frustrated and confused with their health & fitness goals. Furthermore, it is my strong belief that low-self esteem is the thief of greatness to be left behind. It is preposterous to allow self-image to rob the world of your gift. It is my goal in life to pass on nutrition knowledge that will empower, begging to ask the question “what else can I do?”

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