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B-Physique Training Program


B-Physique is designed to create a fit and athletic male physique that maintains a healthy leanness. The Bombshell Fitness Training System™ is a unique a specialized combination of clean nutrition, weight training, specialized workouts, cardiovascular training and 100% healthy supplements to train the entire body. Our unique weight training and cardio programs are athletically based to develop your body in to one that looks and performs like an Elite Athlete. All B-Physique Men will receive coaching support from a Bombshell Fitness in-house Coach. This is not a bodybuilding or competitive program.

Every month you get a new set of (3) Plans and a B-physique Coach to guide you on your fitness journey.

  • Unique Training Plans that sculpt streamlined male physiques, designed by B-physique Coach​ Hope Trask​ and Founder/CEO Shannon Dey.
  • DETAILED and varied meal Plans with PRECISE food items and portions, designed by Bombshell Nutritionist IFBB PRO Gennifer Strobo and Hope Trask.
  • HEALTHY Cardio Plans specifically crafted to work in tandem with our Training Plans, designed by an IFBB PRO
Memberships as low as $99/month

Start Your Application


you will be able to choose the training program and nutrition plan FORMAT that best suits your LIFESTYLE AND GOALS.


All-N-One Training

Weight training and cardio combined into one intense gym session per day. Recommended for those desiring to become more toned and athletic, and for those with time constraints.



Weight training and cardio split into two sessions per day. Recommended for those who want faster results. Variations are available for those wanting to become toned and athletic or gain muscle size.



The Flex Meal Plan follows the Bombshell Fitness System nutrition principles, while allowing you to choose from a wide variety of nutrient options based on varying options provided to meet your goals.



Bombshell Meal Plans to follow as provided and modified monthly by BSF based on your progress. This is the easiest and most effective option.

B-Physique Training PROGRAM LEVELS

Based on your application profile, BOMBSHELL WILL CHOOSE the right program LEVEL to get you started.
As you progress, you will be able to increase the level of training intensity.


Get Advice

Our Novice training system that is designed for the moderately experienced exerciser to learn and master the training, cardio and nutrition principles of the Bombshell Fitness Training System™ and begin or restart the journey to a healthy and fit you! The Novice plan will allow you to ease yourself into a new fitness lifestyle with disciplined structure while seeing results on our Introductory Training and success oriented cardio programs.

Time commitment

1.0 hour per day
5 days a week
Plus Meal prep


Pick Up the Pace

Our Intermediate training system is designed for those who have comprehensive training experience in several disciplines, including weight training and structured nutrition, and are ready to “take it up a notch” to create an amazing Bombshell physique. “Moderate” intensity within the Bombshell System is equivalent to that of high intensity in other programs.

Time commitment

1 – 2 hours per day
5 days a week
Plus Meal Prep


Full Throttle

Our most INTENSE training system! This program is what creates the BEST bodies on the PLANET! This program is designed for the EXPERT exerciser who wants the challenge of the most INTENSE, hardcore training program in the world!! Exact nutrition, training and cardio program guidelines must be followed to achieve the type of physiques seen gracing National Fitness Publications.

Time commitment

1.25 to 2.5 hours per day
5 days a week (optional 6th)
Plus meal prep

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