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Bombshell Fitness – The Hourglass Experts

Not all training is the same

Bombshell Fitness specializes in shaping a strong, lean, sexy HOURGLASS FIGURE—the look sought after for generations.
While other training systems may help you lose weight, are they actually focused on creating a BULK-FREE, BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY BODY?

With less than 25% of women born with the hourglass shape, Founder/CEO of Bombshell Fitness Shannon Dey has spent the last 20 years perfecting a training approach to naturally enhance feminine curves—no surgery, butt pads or unhealthy supplements required!


Sexy Is The New Healthy

Besides its aesthetic appeal, the hourglass body is a healthy body. Sedentary living and poor nutrition are contributing to the decline of the hourglass and the increase in serious health concerns. However, Bombshell’s STRATEGIC NUTRITION & TRAINING are designed to not only build SEXY, STRONG BODIES, but to also overcome the negative effects of modern living and create HEALTHY, VIBRANT WOMEN!

A Look At Our Approach:

Hourglass Essential #1:


Bombshell creates trim waists with smart nutrition, high intensity training and targeted exercises that avoid thickening the midsection.

Did you know?
Sugary, fatty processed foods and lack of exercise cause the accumulation of belly fat, in addition to Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Hourglass Essential #2:


The renowned Bombshell Booty™ training lifts, tightens and rounds the glutes without adding width.

Did you know?
Chair laden lifestyles are causing glute amnesia – a phenomenon where butt muscles don’t appropriately activate causing a loose, flat booty and lower back pain.

Hourglass Essential #3:


Bombshell’s lower body training create shapely, bulk-free legs with its high intensity approach that conditions the muscles and balances quad/hamstring development.

Did you know?
Women are naturally inclined to be quad dominant, causing them to be 8x more likley to have ACL injuries than men. Balancing quad/hamstring strength prevent knee injury.

Hourglass Essential #4:


Bombshell develops strength and width in the upper body, creating the illusion of a smaller waist, balancing the lower body, and adding overall curve and shape.

Did you know?
Sitting slumped at a computer causes muscular imbalances that can lead to poor posture, joint instability, arthritis and injury. Strengthening the upper body will help overcome these issues.

Build Your Hourglass Body With Bombshell!

No matter what your starting point, Bombshell’s TARGETED TRAINING PROTOCOLS enable you to shape a STRONG, LEAN HOURGLASS BODY.

Our STRATEGIC NUTRITION PLANS will fuel muscle growth, facilitate fat loss & give you a beauty boost. Your hair, skin and nails will have never looked better!

YOUR PERSONAL COACH will guide you, motivate you and cheer you on throughout your transformation journey! You will have ALL the support you need to succeed!


Bombshell Fitness IS:

  • Customized Online Training and Coaching Program utilizing the world famous Bombshell Fitness System, a time-proven method with over a decade of success.
  • One-On-One Coaching with your REAL, live Certified Bombshell Coach that adapts your program to your body, goals, lifestyle and needs.  Your plan is not computer generated based on a questionnaire, rather by an educated, knowledgeable Coach who takes the time to get to know YOU and your body.
  • Live Chat with a Certified Bombshell Coach, NOT a messenger bot.
  • NEW nutrition, weight training and cardio plans every four weeks based on your progress.
  • Up to 20 Live Virtual Classes each week including cardio and training sessions, personal development, stretching and yoga, cooking and nutrition, Coffee with the Boss every Monday, and Bombshell Book Club… plus so much more!
  • A sisterhood of like-minded Women, all working to become the best they can be.
  • Plus even MORE Exclusive Benefits for Bombshell VIP ELITE Members!


The Bombshell Fitness Training System™ has become world-renown for creating strong, fit, sexy, healthy bodies.
All Bombshell Fitness Nutrition Plans are developed under the advisement of a Registered Dietician.


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B-TRANSFORMED is for women who want to achieve the signature lean, curvy, hourglass Bombshell body. There are a variety of program levels and variations to choose from, including Traditional Gym-Based, Homebody, Booty, Baby Fit, Fabulous Over 40, All-in-One and so many more.
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B-CROWNEDis our Pageant prep division of Bombshell Fitness. Bombshell Fitness has built MANY of the beautiful bodies you see on the Miss USA and Miss Universe Stage. Join the team that will work with you from interview, wardrobe, walking and pageant selection!
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B-COMPETITIVE is the stage competition prep division of Bombshell Fitness. Team Bombshell, founded in 2007, has produced over more IFBB Pro Bikini and Figure Athletes than any other competition training team.
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