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Building winning physiques for more than a decade. Our Competition Team Coaches will guide you to bring your BEST to the NPC & IFBB stage.


Training and Nutrition Plan with Unlimited Adjustments as needed
Your PERSONAL High-Level, Certified Competition Coach
Exclusive Resources, Tools, and Events

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Full Service Competitive Coaching Programs starting at UNDER ONLY $7 a Day!

Build a Winning Body with Team Bombshell

With PROVEN methods that create EXACTLY what the judges are looking for, Team Bombshell is the gold standard in competitive training and competition prep.

We will work WITH you, your PERSONAL competitive goals, and your LIFESTYLE to build your TOP LEVEL physique, covering ALL aspects of competing from head to toe!

Bombshell Fitness was founded in 2007 as the premier competitive training company for women seeking to become fitness professionals. We’ve since built more IFBB Pros than any other competitive organization in history. All plans are designed and customized exclusively for women of varying body types and fitness levels, based on what the Judges are looking for in the respective divisions.

Team Bombshell Competition Prep


No more half-hearted efforts that end before they even begin. No more impersonal fitness programs that overpromise and underdeliver.

Real Coaches!

Every Bombshell VIP Member is assigned a full-time highly educated, certified and experienced, Professional Bombshell VIP Coach to guide, inspire, and encourage you along your transformation journey.

REAL Coaches.
REAL Results!!

At Bombshell Fitness you will have a REAL COACH, not a bot, call center rep or computer generated plan. REAL COACHES who LIVE #thatbombshelllife right along with you!

Competition Prep

Your Coach is ready to tailor your competition prep program to your EXACT needs based on your personal physique, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Training & Nutrition protocols will be customized to YOU to bring your absolute best package to the stage.

Prep time will vary on an individual basis and be set with your Coach.

A typical prep phase is 12-16 weeks.

Post-Show Coaching

You are NOT alone after the show!!

Your Coach will be there to guide you the moment you step off stage with a post-show plan to ensure proper reverse dieting, training, mindset, and metabolic protocols are set for a healthy and optimal transition into improvement season OR your next show.

A typical post show/reverse phase is anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.

Improvement Season

Your Coach will work with you to assess areas of improvement to bring your optimal physique to the stage to meet your division’s criteria.

Detailed analysis will be provided so that both you and your Coach know EXACTLY what to focus on during improvement season and the best approaches to get there.

Improvement season is where the REAL changes are made!

What does Bombshell Fitness offer?

Your Online Bombshell Fitness
Coaching Package Will Include:

Training & Nutrition

Workout and Nutrition Plans with Unlimited Adjustments based on your competitive goals, progress, and lifestyle.

A Real Coach

One-On-One Coaching with your REAL, live Certified Bombshell Transformation Expert/VIP Coach that adapts your program to your body, goals, lifestyle and needs.

Weekly Check-ins

Weekly progress photo updates, reviews and conversations with your coach so we can make the necessary adjustments to your Weight, Cardio, & Nutrition

Daily Live Streams

20+ Live Virtual Classes each week including cardio and training sessions, personal development, stretching and yoga, cooking and nutrition, Coffee with the Boss every Monday… plus so much more!

Registered Dietician

All Bombshell Fitness Nutrition Plans are developed under the advisement of a Registered Dietician that's also available to you for questions!

Exclusive Resources

We have an extensive Bombshell Fitness Exercise (video) and Nutrition Libraries. Also, receive access to the exclusive Bombshell Fitness Social Network.

Live Chat

Unlimited access to Bombshell Coaches through live chat. Members get Unlimited LIVE Chat with a Certified Bombshell Coach 50+ hours a week. NO messenger bots here!

Video Calls & Evaluations

Extensive VIDEO CONFERENCE CALL for Orientation & Goal Setting ONE-ON-ONE with your coach. You'll also have access to in person or Skype/FaceTime coaching sessions with your coach.

Exclusive Events

We hold many extravagant events throughout the year from Boot Camps to BOMiCON we roll out the red carpet for these member only exclusive events.

Exclusive Challenges

Member Challenges to Keep you Motivated! Wait until you see the grand prizes. Let's just say, you'll want to get your passports ready.

Exclusive Member Discounts

All members will receive B-Couture Boutique and Bombshell Nutrition Coupon Codes for discounts on our supplements, activewear, and fitness accessories.

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