Frequently Ask Questions

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EVERY V.I.P. member receives (via email) a monthly nutrition, cardio and workout plan designed to meet your goals, objectives and fitness level as indicated on your application. All plans are modified every 4-weeks based on your progress pictures and interactions with our Staff, within the parameters of the Bombshell Fitness Training System™. As such, each plan cannot be completely customized for each individual or results would be subject to discretion of the PERSON-not the science of the PLAN.

Your membership also provides you access to a BOMBSHELL V.I.P. COACH assigned to assist you on your fitness journey with answers, inspiration and guidance. All our Coaches are IFBB PROS and Fitness Experts, many with additional accreditations in nutrition, health and wellness. You will communicate regularly with your Coach via email and ALSO have the opportunity to train with them directly at a Bombshell Boot Camp, UCW or BOMiCON.

Membership also entitles you access to the exclusive and private Bombshell Fitness Social Community and our PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGES—a vibrant and robust meeting place for all Bombshells to learn from and inspire each other, meet up, or just check-in on the latest Bombshell events and happenings!


At Bombshell Fitness we offer both Home and Gym based programs.
The Bombshell System does make appropriate modifications to your nutrition plans for food allergies ONLY, if indicated on your application. And, we offer Gluten-free and Vegetarian plans! But, we do NOT customize individual nutrition plans to the “likes and dislikes” of each member.
TEAM BOMBSHELL™ Members ONLY compete in NPC/IFBB and International IFBB affiliated events. Your Coach can help you choose which NPC/IFBB show best fits your stage in your competitive journey.
NO!! Every member NOW has the option to "take the pressure off" and switch to a less rigorous PRO-FIT program that keeps you motivated, training and feeling GREAT until you're ready to compete again.

Having trained THOUSANDS of women at Bombshell Fitness™, we’ve learned that “One Size Does NOT Fit All”. Every woman has different virtues and challenges, strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to help you manage your expectations realistically from the outset so you don’t become discouraged and feel you’ve “failed” down the road. The more we know about YOU, the better we can evaluate the best training regime for YOU. That won’t necessarily be the level you WANT to start at, but we’d rather see you progress at your own pace and move you UP to the next level when you’re ready.

SUCCESS is only achieved when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY.

You're ready NOW! With our NEW multi-level FIT-PRO and PRO-FIT programs, women of all varying body types and fitness levels can take advantage of the Bombshell Fitness Training System™! Just be honest on your application and we'll make sure you start at a level right for you so you can succeed and achieve whatever your goals are!
YES! Now we have SIX different programs you can choose from depending on how much time you can realistically devote to adopting a healthy new lifestyle, and what your specific goals
MANY of our clients have worked out for several years, and many are personal trainers themselves. With SIX different programs to choose from, our most intense programs will undoubtedly challenge even the MOST experienced athlete!
Absolutely! Spots on the TEAM need to be earned, but we welcome ambitious PRO-FIT members as soon as they're ready to switch to the competitive FIT-PRO side. In many cases that can take at least three months, but it all depends what fitness level you’re starting at when you join Bombshell Fitness™.

Real Coaches!

Every Bombshell VIP Member is assigned a full-time highly educated, certified and experienced, Professional Bombshell VIP Coach to guide, inspire, and encourage you along your transformation journey.

REAL Coaches.
REAL Results!!

At Bombshell Fitness you will have a REAL COACH, not a bot, call center rep or computer generated plan. REAL COACHES who LIVE #thatbombshelllife right along with you!