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With clients in every corner of the globe, Bombshell Fitness offers a wide variety of customized online training programs, on-site training camps and full-time professional Coaches for women and men of all ages, body types, levels of fitness and personal objectives.

Unlike “per hour” personal trainers who are only available during billable hours— Bombshell provides our members with NEW proprietary Nutrition, Cardio & Workout plans EVERY MONTH, modified EVERY MONTH based on your individual progress PLUS much more.

Workouts are different EVERY DAY of the month or nearly every day of the month (based on current fitness level) EVERY MONTH. BSF Women’s programs are designed SPECIFICALLY and scientifically to sculpt the female body in to an hourglass shape with varying degrees of muscularity based on personal preference. BSF Men’s training is designed to build an aesthetically pleasing, high performance athletic muscularity, with a healthy leanness of various levels based on personal preference.

Every member is also assigned a full-time professional Bombshell Coach to guide, inspire, encourage and answer questions five days a week.

We also offer our members an extensive digital Exercise Library, unlimited LIVE Chat with a Bombshell Coach 50 hours a week, and an extraordinary private Social Community.

Our staff consists of full-time accredited experts and specialists in Fitness & Health Education, Nutrition, Personal Training, and Personal Beauty—with a full complement of World-Class IFBB PRO Competitors.

Whether a woman’s goal is to become Professionally FIT  or
Competitive Fitness PRO the “Bombshell Body” is the global gold standard in the industry.

In 2015 Bombshell Fitness enhanced it’s program offerings to include BSF MEN — a non-competitive version of our PRO-FIT program for men who want to begin their fitness journey, take it up a notch, or go FULL THROTTLE.

With full-service facilities also available in Orlando, Florida, Bombshell Fitness is a health and fitness company that was founded in 2007 by veteran fitness specialist Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education/Doctoral Candidate Sports Psychology and IFBB Pro Athlete.

In 2007, Ms. Dey developed the Bombshell Fitness Training System™—a unique and specialized combination of clean nutrition, weight training, plyometric workouts, cardiovascular training and 100% healthy supplements. Since then, Bombshell has become world-renown for transforming female physiques into strong, fit, healthy bodies with a unique and distinctive emphasis on beauty and femininity.

Bombshell Fitness™ is the parent company of Team Bombshell—the largest and most prestigious Professional Competitive Fitness Training Team in the world. This elite team of all female athletes compete globally in the Fitness & Bikini Divisions of the IFBB & NPC, producing more IFBB PROS & NPC champions than any other training program in the world.