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Shannon Dey, M.S.


Shannon Dey is the Founder & CEO of Bombshell Fitness — a global fitness and lifestyle empire that has transformed tens of thousands of women from over 30 different countries and influenced countless more.

A Lifestyle, Dey helps women and now men worldwide not just get in shape, but to also grow strong.

Using fitness as the catalyst for total transformation, Dey is devoted to empowering YOU to become physically, mentally, emotionally and even financially fit.

Growing Bombshell Fitness from one client in 2007 to thousands across the globe, Dey has become a female entrepreneurial powerhouse. Dey’s contributions to fitness are visible all over the world, including her renowned online training programs serving the everyday woman, NPC/IFBB Competitors, International Pageant Queens, Actresses, and Entertainers;

B-Physique, a unique men’s training program creating the best physiques in the world, additionally she promotes international fitness events including the Ultimate Fitness Weekend BOMiCON and owns B-Couture, home to Fitness Fashion and Accessories.

In the spring of 2018, Dey launched Bombshell Nutrition—smart supplementation formulated specifically to meet a woman’s health, training, wellness and beauty needs.

In order to even further spread the Bombshell Movement, the first Bombshell Fitness Training Certification class will be held early Fall, 2018 in order to empower personal trainers to truly transform their clients as well as their own business and income potential.

Dey holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Kansas and is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology.

Shannon Dey

Shannon Dey

Shannon Dey

Shannon Dey


Shannon Dey


  • Ph.D. Candidate Sports Psychology: University of the Rockies
  • M.S. Health Education with emphasis in Sports Management and Exercise Science: University of Kansas
  • B.S. Sociology, Minor Exercise Science: University of Kansas