B-ICONIC WEEK 1 • Gym Confidence!

‘A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.’

Welcome to Week 1 of the B-Iconic challenge!

Setting goals & accountability: Gym Confidence!

I am so excited that you are ready to transform your BODY and MIND to that of an ICON!

In this challenge, you are going to discover how iconic YOU really are!

Each week, with the inspiration of an ICONIC woman, you will learn how to step out of your comfort zone and SHINE!

To start things off, I want you to think of the radiant Marilyn Monroe. How she could command a room without saying a word. Why is that? CONFIDENCE!!

Did you know she was not always a confident woman? It look a while for Marilyn Monroe to find her persona, but over time she grew to be more confident.

That is what I want you to do for yourself when it comes to your everyday life and your gym life. BUILD your confidence!!!!

It can be very overwhelming to walk into the gym with confidence, especially if you are new to the gym. Sometimes it’s crowded or you’re unfamiliar with certain pieces of equipment.

  • Ever heard of the term fake it till you make it?!
  • You need to WALK-IN, HEAD HELD HIGH, knowing you BELONG there.
  • You have your Bombshell Plan in hand and you are ready to rock.

Don’t let a new piece of equipment or an exercise on your plan that you’re not familiar with throw your confidence off. 

Try NEW things! Don’t be afraid to ask someone to show you.


Here’s a blog post by Basic By Becca that talks about ’10 Unmistakable Characteristics of A Confident Woman.’ Please read at your convenience and share your thoughts on our Facebook B-Iconic Challenge page.


The HOURGLASS Workout (3-5 sets)

15 x handle band pull downs
15 x handle band flys
15 x handle band shoulder presses

15 x banded squats
15 x each leg Banded Shannon Deys
15 x banded booty dip

30-second Mountain climber
30-second Bicycle crunches

B-ICONIC 2023 Challenge

Objectives of the Week:

weekly prizes • HOW DO I GET THEM

Engagement Challenge

Join the B-Iconic Facebook group page (LINK BELOW). Write a short introductory and describe how you felt walking into the gym this week. Did anything help to build your confidence? Any words of advice for other Challenge members?

Disclaimer: The Week 1 engagement challenge may be completed on the private B-Iconic Facebook group page. Week 2-10 engagement challenges MUST be posted on your PUBLIC Facebook OR Instagram account to qualify for a weekly prize. The hashtags below MUST be used on every week’s engagement challenge!

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