B-ICONIC WEEK 6 • Confidence!

"I created a look in order to make something of myself.”- Audrey Hepburn

How to build confidence through pictures, lighting, outfits, etc.

Confidence: Week 6 of the B- Iconic Challenge

I realized what Audrey is trying to teach us is that it’s not about being beautiful. It’s about being certain. Certain about who you are. Certain about what you want. Certain about what you love. Have something that defies this concept of ‘natural beauty’ by being unique. Because there’s not one set definition of beauty. We see beauty in so many things and most of the things we find beautiful are completely original. 

It’s happened to all of us: You’re at a gathering and everyone is taking photos. Later you find a picture of yourself on Facebook in a not-so-flattering pose. 

With everyone having a camera in their purse or pocket these days getting your picture taken on purpose or by accident is an inevitability. So why not be camera ready at every turn?

Here are a few tips you can practice to make the camera your best friend.

  1. Certain poses, like placing your body fully forward to the camera, can sometimes make your body look thicker. To keep this from happening, position yourself at about a 45-degree angle away from the camera.

  2. Avoid being face forward into the camera as well. A thirty to forty-five-degree angle will be more flattering.

  3. A hand on the hip is always flattering for arms. Keep a relaxed hand on your hip and be sure to leave your hanging arm loose at your side, not pushed against it.

  4. Dress for photo success! Be sure to wear clothes that flatter your body shape.

  5. Have the person taking the photo try it from a more upward angle.

  6. If you tend to blink in photos, instead of trying desperately to keep your eyes open, tencourage the person taking the picture to take lots of them just in case you’re blinking.

  7. To get a smoother neck, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth towards the back. This will help tighten the area underneath your chin.


8 Tricks to Look Better in Photos, According to a Model


40 sec work • 20 sec rest

  • High knee runs
  • Mountain climbers
  • Jump lunges
  • Plank shoulder taps
  • Jump rope
  • In and out abs
B-ICONIC 2023 Challenge

Objectives of the Week:

weekly prizes • HOW DO I GET THEM

Engagement Challenge

Share a photo that resembles a time when you felt confident, sexy, beautiful, proud and all of the above! How long ago was this? It you don’t feel the same way now, let’s figure out how we can get that feeling back! You deserve to feel and look AMAZING always!

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