Starting April 28th, 2023

8-Week Virtual Self-improvement & Personal Transformation Challenge designed for YOU to be INSPIRED by the most ICONIC Women of the ages and become the BEST you can be.

By HUGE demand, The Bodies by Bombshell Calendar Challenge is BACK!

B-ICONIC Bodies by Bombshell
Calendar Challenge

While you discover YOUR best YOU and TRANSFORM your body and mind to that of an ICON, you will also have the opportunity to be photographed like a CELEBRITY at a GLAMOROUS photo shoot weekend complete with professional hair and makeup, and emerge as a FEATURED CALENDAR MODEL in our 2023-2024 Edition of Bodies by Bombshell Calendar!

During each incredible week of the B-Iconic Challenge, we will summon inspiration from the most beautiful and iconic Women that have FOREVER changed history. Alongside Audrey Hepburn, you will learn how to shine in any room as Marlyin Monroe guides us along stepping outside of our comfort zones and we build the strong, sexy CORE of J-Lo.

These iconic Bombshells panning the decades PROVE that being Bombshell is not about an age, where you came from or a number on a scale. It is a CONFIDENCE, a BELIEF in yourself a GLOW that shines from WITHIN and YOU are going to shine RIGHT along with them!


Challenge Starts in:



WILL be FEATURED in our 2024-2025 Edition of Bodies by Bombshell Calendar, B-Iconic Edition!
B-ICONIC 8 Week Calendar Challenge

What you can expect from this
one of a kind, Iconic Challenge:

Body & Mind Transformation

You will receive challenging bonus workouts that will amp up your TRANSFORMATION RESULTS. It all begins with believing you are capable of positive change

Model Training

Perfect pin-up MODEL training to assure that you are READY to get in front of the camera for your ULTIMATE calendar shot. Plus, AMAZING photo ready hair and makeup tips and tricks from a certified makeup artist

Virtual Meetings

Exclusive LIVE, Virtual Meetings and Bombshell sit-downs where you have the chance to share your experience, discuss hot topics, and network with other Bombshell B-iconic Calendar Challenge Contestants

Health & Nutrition

An in-depth look into Bombshell Fitness System Nutrition hacks for a healthy, balanced Bombshell Body

Gym & Fitness Confidence

You can navigate the Gym like a PRO! But you need a rock solid approach. This Challenge will show you HOW it's done!

LIVE Workouts

LIVE workouts with Master VIP Coach Jenny Clapp throughout EACH WEEK, EXCLUSIVE to B-Iconic Calendar Challenge Contestants

Live Discussions

LIVE hot topic discussions with Master VIP Coach and Certified Makeup Artist, Bombshell Master Coach Jenny Clapp and her Special Guests

Real Feedback

REAL feedback on exercise form and workout intensity, PLUS we will answer YOUR fitness questions

Strengthen Your Bombshell Network

The priceless opportunity to build an even STRONGER bond with your Bombshell Sisters and Coaches

Challenge Registration Form

Challenges are non-refundable but transferable if you cancel two weeks before the start date. Transferred credits must be used within ONE year.