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Bombshell Ultimate Competitor’s Weekend​

Walk IN as a Fitness Enthusiast / Walk OUT as an Athlete
  • One-On-One Physique & Stage Look Assessment: Receive personalized attention to assess your physique and stage look, ensuring you present your best self. Expert guidance will provide tailored recommendations to enhance your strengths and address areas for improvement, giving you the confidence to excel on stage.
  • Prepare and Learn to Train Like a Champion: Learn the training techniques of top athletes, covering workout routines and nutrition plans designed to maximize your performance. Gain insights into the discipline required to train like a champion, transforming your approach to achieve outstanding results.
  • Find Out What It Takes to End Up in the Winner’s Circle: Discover the secrets of success from experienced professionals. Get all your competition questions answered and learn strategies to reach the winner’s circle. Suitable for all levels, this program provides the knowledge and tools to achieve your competitive goals.


You will receive real-time critiques on your physique, posing, and presentation while you take YOUR competition journey to a NEW LEVEL. SEVERAL posing sessions throughout the entire weekend to PERFECT your posing and presentation.