Bombshell Fitness Carido Club

Under The Sea 5K

Run with us May 5th – 7th – To help protect and restore global oceans, 100% of our proceeds will go towards the non-profit organization, OCEANA

Bombshell Fitness Virtual 5K • May 5th - 7th

Under The Sea 5K is BACK for another 5K!

This year there are more ways to participate in our Bombshell Virtual 5K so we’ll leave it up to you to decide which style fits you best.

This is a non-profit organization that helps protect and restore global oceans. For all our beach and ocean loving Bombshells, let’s give back to an environment that houses, feeds and combines unity to this world! By signing up for the 5K, you’ll be contributing to marine safety and future restoration. Thank you for joining us here at team Bombshell for our Under The Sea 5k!

ADD TO THE FUN! – Dress up in your favorite under the sea outfit with your race bib and 5k medal. There are no limits to creativity here! We would love to see all of your photos and videos supporting the cause. Use the hashtags below so we can easily find your posts and share the love! #BombshellFitness #BombshellEvents #BombshellNews #Bombshell5k

Bombshell Fitness 5K your way!

This year there are more ways to participate in our Bombshell Virtual 5K so we’ll leave it up to you to decide which style fits you best.

Style #1

Join Shannon Dey & Stacey Byrd for their Bombshell Bootcamp in Orlando! By signing up for BOTH the Under The Sea 5K and the Bombshell Bootcamp , you’ll get to run the alongside other Bombshells. There is no such thing as winning when you have a group of support running with you the whole way!

Style #2

Participate on a guided virtual run through our next Bombshell Challenge. This challenge and VIP Master Coach Jenny Clapp will motivate you to keep on pushing! The best part? The coach guided 5K can be replayed at any time while still being able to hold you accountable. To receive access, you MUST sign up for the challenge once released.

Style #3

Run the Under The Sea 5K at your own pace, at your own time, in your own space! This is a virtual 5K meaning you get to receive a custom medal and race bib just by signing up!

Run with friends or family to set your own 5K goals. Once you’re done, submit your photos to share your Bombshell experience!

Under the Sea 5K Registration Form

Registration costs $29 per person! (5K’s are non-refundable.)
Includes a 5k Medal & Digital Bib.

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Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa

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