Hosted by Your "Fear Busters Team" of

Shannon Dey & Stacey Byrd

2023 is the year to throw away your FEARS, get OUT of your comfort zone, live your BEST life and it ALL starts at Bombshell Bootcamp!

Fearless Bombshell Bootcamp

THIS is THE Bombshell Bootcamp for the Bombshell who truly wants to bust OUT of her shell of FEAR to become the BEST she can be!


  • I DON’T DO CAMP because I FEAR I’ll be the most out of shape one there”
  • I DON’T DO CAMP because I’m SCARED that don’t know anyone and I will feel akward”
  • I DON’T DO CAMP because I’m AFRAID it will be too hard”


THIS is the Bootcamp for YOU!

Join the FEAR BUSTING Team of Bombshell Fitness Founder/CEO Shannon Dey and Bombshell VIP Certified Coach/Ms. Black International Ambassador Texas, Stacey Byrd,  INPERSON at our “FEARLESS” Bombshell Bootcamp, DESIGNED for Bombshells just like YOU who NEVER thought they would come to CAMP and want to LEARN how to become FEARLESS in the pursuit of their GOALS!

Let’s keep it REAL, Bombshell Bootcamp has been voted Bombshell’s #1 EVENT to turn a SPARK into a flaming fire of SUCCESS.

  • Still not fitting into your dream dress? COME TO CAMP!
  • Feel UNCOMFORTABLE in the gym? COME TO CAMP!
  • Afraid to pursue your GOALS both in and out of the Gym? COME TO CAMP!
  • Wanna meet new friends with similar fitness goals and create a SUPPORT system? COME TO CAMP!

Your Coaching Team for this DO NOT MISS Weekend consists of the INCREDIBLY powerful duo of Shannon Dey and Stacey Byrd. This POWERHOUSE combination brings together two of the MOST FEARLESS WOMEN, Fitness Trainers and Motivational Speakers in ONE BOOTCAMP who offer two different perspectives on the same Goal, for YOU to become FEARLESS and REACH YOUR GOALS!

Bombshell Fitness would be honored to have you in Winter Park, FL at Bombshell Headquarters. Be ASSURED, we will make you feel COMFORTABLE from the MOMENT you walk in the door. NO judgements, NO pressure to be anything but you, just a GROWTH focused weekend that is ALL about YOU!

It is TIME Bombshell for YOU to be FEARLESS!



  • Shannon Dey’s highly sought “BEAST MODE” interactive training lectures that teach YOU how to fearlessly navigate the Gym and Free Weight Room like a Pro

  • Training at the PRIVATE Bombshell Fitness Studio focused on FEELING the Muscle properly and HOW to train for MAXIMUM results

  • Learn how to walk in to ANY room with your head held HIGH and TURN HEADS no matter WHAT stage of your Journey

  • Content heavy lectures focused on mental strength & physical strength to become FEARLESS in ALL aspects of YOUR Life

  • Open floor group discussions for YOU to SHARE your struggles and create strategies for TRIUMPHS

  • A Chance to participate in the Under The Sea 5K with Shannon and Stacey (Never done a 5K and/or AFRAID to try? Don’t be, we will WALK right alongside you!!)

  • And MUCH MORE!
Bombshell Fitness Headquarters
Winter Park, FL

Shannon Dey

Shannon Dey, a leader in the Fitness Industry for over 30 years, FEARLESSLY Created Bombshell Fitness in 2007 as a Female Entrepreneur in a Male Dominated Fitness Industry.

Armed with a Masters Degree in Health Education and Exercise Science, Shannon created the Bombshell Fitness Training System, designed to build strong, streamlined, hourglass bodies.

15 hours away from a PHD in Psychology, Shannon takes her extensive Fitness knowledge in combination with her Psychology studies and real life experience transforming thousands of Women to help YOU create strategies for REAL change.

Shannon designed and hosted the ORIGINAL Bombshell Bootcamps, and this is the FIRST BOOTCAMP she has personally Coached in a DECADE. Do NOT miss out on this rare chance to spend time with her and benefit from her perspective, inspiration and butt kicking tough love designed to get you OUT of your comfort Zone and IN to your BEST Life!

Stacey Byrd

Stacey Byrd is a highly sought Bombshell Fitness VIP Coach and long time Bombshell Fitness Member. Her personal transformation, raw honesty and ability to inspire has made her a popular social media influencer, public speaker and inspirational leader.

In 2022, as Ms. Black International Ambassador Texas, Stacey was crowned First Runner Up in the International Pageant surrounded by an extremely competitive field of incredible Women from across the Globe.

Stacey is all about YOU and your success. She will NOT let you feel left out or awkward at Bootcamp! Her spirit, love for others and LIFE is infectious. You do NOT want to miss out on the chance to become INSPIRED by this unstoppable FORCE!

Park Plaza Hotel

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Under The Sea 5K

Run or walk with us LIVE and in-person with Shannon and Stacey at camp in Orlando, Florida!
Run or Walk!

The Alfond Inn

Suggested Local Hotel
Winter Park

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Camps are non-refundable but transferable if you cancel more than two weeks from the event. Transferred credits must be used within ONE year.