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All I Want for Christmas

It’s that time of year! Everyone is asking you, “What do YOU want for the Holidays?” Bombshell VIP Coach and Team Director IFBB Bikini Pro


Do you ever reach into a pack of Oreos expecting to just one more, only to realize the bag is EMPTY? Wouldn’t you love to

Breakfast for a Better Day

The word breakfast literally means to break the fast. Overnight, with the average recommended amount for adults being 8 hours of sleep each night, we

7 Steps for More Delightful Digestion

A study in 2007 found that nearly 90 percent of Americans suffer from indigestion, and 70 percent reported a problem with digestion every day. It’s

How to Eat Like a Bombshell on a Budget

By Gennifer Strobo, Certified Nutritionist, Bombshell Fitness Just because you’re on a restricted budget doesn’t mean that you’ll be unable to stick to your Bombshell


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