5 Healthy Hacks for When life is BUSY AF!

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How many times has THIS happened to YOU?

Your day was AMAZING! You got up early and had a delicious, healthy breakfast. You were ahead of the game when you packed your lunch and snacks for work, and then actually ATE them INSTEAD of the parade of donuts, chips, and other snacks that came by your office door.

GIRL! You were on a roll and on your way to the PERFECT day!

Umm…Sorry! NOT SO FAST!

Your commute home unexpectedly turned into a 2-hour nightmare and you arrived home exhausted, frustrated and HUNGRY… ready to eat ANYTHING in sight and there was NOTHING healthy and easy in your fridge.

YOU NEEDED FOOD and ANYTHING within your reach is NOT out of question. ALL logic simply FLEW out the window and your dinner consisted of a FULL bag of chips, a slice of cheese, a few pickles, and MORE than a few LARGE spoonful’s of ice cream.

STOP! There is NO NEED to ruin your perfect day! We have all been there and Life happens for ALL of us.

You cannot plan for every unexpected twist in your day, but you CAN ready your tool belt and have all the tools you need when all you want is the fast and easy food fix!


Tip #1 – Prepare in Bulk!

Grains and protein are by far the most time-consuming meal prep items. Get them done and over with in one day such as a Sunday when you are likely to be at home.

Prepack your meals or have these items ready in large containers. Additionally, cook extra during meal prep, and freeze the extra portions for an easy, fast dinner in a pinch! Just add in some veggies and you are all set to enjoy a nutritious dinner in no time!

Tip #2 – Healthy Snacks!

It happens to all of us. We just want a snack!

Always have healthy snack options readily available so you don’t just grab those empty calories that leave you hungry a short time later.

Buy portioned nut packs, air-popped popcorn, or have some fresh clean fruit ready to go. If you buy big bags of snacks, take the time to portion them out ahead of time. Eating from a big bag is bound to lead to eating way past the recommended serving size.

Tip #3 – Grab and Go!

Perhaps meal prep didn’t go as planned or you FORGOT your food at home. Or, on a day like the one we talked about above, there are times where you just need something quick/easy and popping into the grocery store sounds MUCH more appealing than cooking when you get home!

Look for single-serve foods that you can grab and go form the grocery store. Single-serve packs of rice, tuna, chicken, hummus, guacamole, nuts, you name it they probably have it.

Here are some examples of easy Grab and Go Meals:

  • Breakfast: Instant oatmeal + Banana + 100 calorie nut packet
  • Lunch: Tuna or Chicken packet + Microwaveable bag of veggies + Microwaveable rice
  • Snack: Microwave veggies + Hummus pack
  • Dinner: Pre-packaged chicken strips and frozen veggies

Tip #4 – Eating out CAN be healthy.

It just takes a little willingness to adjust and ask questions. Of course, the easiest option is always a salad with a protein and the dressing on the side or with oil & vinegar. However, if salad isn’t doing it for you this meal… ask questions:

  • Can they prepare the entrée without the sauce?
  • Can you substitute a fried carb for a side of veggies?
  • Do they have a healthier option menu?

With the growing trend of farm-to-table and plant-based eating, many restaurants now have cleaner, healthier meals available or able to accommodate special requests.

Tip #5 – Is that for HERE or TO GO?

Why not BOTH? Portion sizes tend to be bigger at restaurants, so ask for a box at the beginning of the meal and portion out how much you want to eat in one sitting. (A good reference is to have protein the size of a deck of cards and carbs and veggies the size of your fist.) The remainder can be lunch for the next day. Two birds one stone! Boom!

Remember – Life will try to derail you! Being prepared is key. Bookmark this article and reference to it next time life throws you a curveball. We are here to help!

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