All I Want for Christmas

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It’s that time of year! Everyone is asking you, “What do YOU want for the Holidays?”
Bombshell VIP Coach and Team Director IFBB Bikini Pro Jessica Dolias and Bombshell Registered Dietitian Valentina Sabella are here to tell you about their FAVORITE kitchen essentials that make meal prep a breeze! Get your wish lists ready Bombshells!


I absolutely love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, but when it comes to meal prep, I don’t play around. Cooking for two means meal prep for me is all about bulk and efficiency! Time saved during meal prep means I have more time to try new Protein pancakes and cupcakes recipes! Yum! Click here to see some AMAZING protein recipes

Here are my essentials:


There’s so much real estate to work with on the grill that it’s easy to have multiple foods cooked at one time. I personally love the taste of grilled foods and I grill my proteins like chicken and steak, as well as my vegetables like peppers, zucchini, and eggplant on the grill weekly.

A good, SHARP knife

We need this when making just about every dish! A good, sharp chef’s knife gives you more control over your cuts to keep them consistent and is actually much safer to work with, as foods are cut with more ease and less movement of the knife is needed. A chef’s knife is also very versatile as it is efficient in cutting all different densities of produce and meats.

Rice Cooker

I am constantly making a big batch of jasmine rice for myself and my husband, but the rice cooker is actually great for more than just rice! You can make pasta, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, steam veggies, make pancakes. It’s so versatile for just about everything and is much easier than having to remember to watch a boiling pot! The cleanup is quicker as well with fewer pots and pans.


Just like Coach Jess, I am also ALL about efficiency! I have a busy schedule so meal prep needs to be seamless with easy clean-up while taking zero compromises on taste!

Here are my essentials:

Silicone muffin pan

I appreciate any kitchen tool that eases cleaning! This flexible, non-stick pan makes removing my creations easy and mess-free. And I don’t limit myself to only muffins or cupcakes, I use this pan to make eggs, frittatas, and even meatloaf. It is especially useful for meal prepping egg whites! Perfectly portioned and much tastier than an egg white scramble.


Set it and forget it! This kitchen essential helps me work on other tasks while food is cooking. My crockpot makes the greatest shredded chicken, I simply add 3-4 chicken breast with seasoning and a liquid (broth, sauce, or vinegar) in a few hours the chicken easily falls apart. The result is tender and flavorful.


Sweet potato fries are my FAVORITE! Having an air-fryer has made making fries easy and quick. For those wanting to be a little more energy-efficient, this is a great tool to avoid firing up the oven for only 2 potatoes. The air-fryer is so versatile, I also use it to make breaded cod, chicken fingers, eggplant parmesan, and coconut shrimp. All the crunch without the extra oil! Win-Win!

What are some of your favorite kitchen essentials Bombshells? That one thing you cannot live without?
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