August VIP Spotlight – Jennifer Snider

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We are pleased to introduce our August Bombshell VIP Spotlight, Jennifer Snider!

Jennifer is the Overall WINNER of the 2019 8-Week Bombshell Bikini Body Challenge! This 8-Week results driven challenge with over 300 participants was a FIERCE competition, and after the dust settled, Jennifer ended up on top. She showed us how determination and hard work can produce an amazing transformation of the body AND mind!

Jennifer is a fantastic example for anyone wanting to change not only their body, but their LIFE!

Yes, she looks AMAZING! However, she will be the first to admit that her transformation was far from just skin deep. She tells us:

“I’ve learned that I can. I can do anything I want to do. Sometimes it might be hard, but doing hard things only makes the reward that much sweeter. With Bombshell Fitness I have learned that I can be stronger than I think, both physically and mentally”

Jennifer made quite the transformation of her personal views about Fitness as well. When we asked her about how she now FEELS about fitness, here is what she said:

“Before I became a Bombshell, I hated the gym because I didn’t know what to do or where to start. However, when I walked in armed and loaded with my Bombshell Plan, it didn’t take long for me to feel like one of the regulars. I love both my cardio and weight plans, especially those upper-body days!!”

Nutrition is a MAJOR part of ANY transformation. Jennifer learned that you do NOT have to starve yourself in order to lose body fat and tells us that she has NOT deprived during her Bombshell journey:

“Bombshell busts the myth that you have to starve yourself skinny. We EAT on our Bombshell plans!! Not only do we eat, we eat WELL!”

We asked Jennifer what she loves MOST about being a Bombshell VIP Member, here is what she said:

“Can I say ‘everything’?? Really, there is not one thing about Bombshell Fitness that I do NOT enjoy. The support system is incredible. Whether it’s something for which I need my Coach’s help or needing to have a moment in our Bombshell Facebook group where I vent…I know that I ALWAYS have a sister. That is TRULY what Bombshell is all about, a sisterhood of amazing women living their best lives and helping you to live that way too!”

Jennifer makes it look so seamless, right? But Jennifer will tell you, it’s not all roses and rainbows. Here is what she said:

“It’s hard. I know it’s VERY hard. There will be days when you want to give up.”

And here is how she KEEPS going on those inevitable rough days:

 “I just kept telling myself to trust the process!! I think that’s the unofficial Bombshell Fitness motto! But it’s so incredibly true.
Follow your plan. Listen to your coach. Do the work. Reap the reward.”

We are SO very proud of Jennifer for all she has accomplished and she tells us that her experience with Bombshell Fitness has given her MORE than just her amazing Bombshell Body:

“Bombshell has had such a huge impact on my relationships, especially with my boyfriend! He LOVES the confident women I have become.”

Finally, we asked Jennifer what advice she has for FUTURE Bombshells looking to change their body and their LIFE. Here’s what she had to say:

“The Bombshell Fitness System WORKS. And YES. YOU. CAN.

If there is ONE THING that I need women to believe, it’s that YOU can change. Stop with the BS excuses. Look around and open your eyes. You can control much more in your life than you think. Take personal responsibility for where you are. Own your choices and ONLY then can you make the change you want to make.”

Thank You, Jennifer, for being perfectly YOU, for your determination, for your hard work, and for showing us that it CAN be DONE!

Your transformation and continued success motivates us ALL!

Interested in becoming a BOMBSHELL V.I.P MEMBER?

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