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Here at Bombshell Fitness we produce COUNTLESS amazing transformations each and every day!  And each January, we CELEBRATE each and every Bombshell as they submit their entries to become the Bombshell Transformation of the Year (TOY). 

What did these Bombshells get out of the Bombshell Experience other than a ROCKIN bod?  What has since HAPPENED to our previous Winners?  What is the SECRET to our yearly Bombshell Transformation of the Year Winners success?  Have they CONTINUED to live the Bombshell Lifestyle LONG after the contest is done?


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After WINNING the fight against Breast Cancer, DeAwna joined Bombshell Fitness with a clear vision of how she wanted to transform her body! She became completely invested and won our first EVER Bombshell TOY! Now DeAwna is THRIVING as a Bombshell VIP Coaches and is using her journey, expertise and HEART to touch the lives of countless women DAILY!

What is the Bombshell Difference?
The Bombshell Difference is that the Bombshell Fitness System is TRULY a lifestyle, NOT a temporary life ALTER!

We make this work for real life and for ALL walks of life, FOR LIFE! No matter what phase I have been going through in life, there has always been a Bombshell Plan keeping me on track every step of the way. And in the weeks where I have fallen off plan, there has been an INCREDIBLE Sisterhood of support encouraging me to get back on track!

How has Bombshell Fitness impacted your life?
Oh wow! This list could go on and on… Bombshell Fitness is the reason I walk through every day of my life with confidence knowing 100% that I am living my BEST life!

When so many things in life can change unexpectedly and make you feel like life is out of your control… the ONE thing that you CAN control is YOU… your health, your fitness, your nutrition.

Having a predesigned plan and a team of experienced, Certified, professional Coaches, dedicated Staff and the Bombshell Sisterhood there to support you and guide you along the way makes it so much easier to take care of yourself and help you feel empowered in ALL aspects of your life!

By continuing to live this as a lifestyle year after year, Bombshell has impacted every aspect of my life: health, friendships, career, family, fitness … all of it!

What’s one accomplishment you made that you thought was impossible to achieve?
I am a Bombshell, nothing is impossible! 🙂

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Prior to joining Bombshell, Ashely Evans was 65 pounds overweight and struggled to get through the day. She recalls her very first Bombshell plans and that time, her Stairmaster workout was only 5 minutes TOUGH! NOW her workouts are NO LONGER a struggle! She is riding bikes, running 5Ks, going on hikes, and living her VERY BEST Bombshell life!

What is the Bombshell Difference?
The Bombshell difference to me is sisterhood and family.

My Coach understands when I am going through different situations and is understanding to my needs. She is flexible but also honest, just like your Mom or Sister would be!

My Coach definitely cares but doesn’t let me lose sight of my goals. The Ladies of Bombshell are ALWAYS there for each other and support one another, in fitness and in life. I have met MANY amazing women and we lean on each other. I now have friends for life because of the Bombshell Sisterhood bond!

How has Bombshell Fitness impacted your life?
Previous to Bombshell, I was depressed and would turn to food and alcohol. It was a vicious cycle that I simply could not get out of. It was unhealthy for my body, mind and career.

I didn’t take care of myself then like I do now, I wasn’t excited to do things with friends and family because I was scared to be out of breath, scared to not fit in clothes for different activities and I was terrified to be seen in a bathing suit.

Now, thanks to Bombshell I live life FEARLESSLY and have soared in my career since then. I am no longer waking up with hangovers and I am no longer just barely getting through the day. I wake up with a new hunger for life and everything it has to offer all because of the confidence and knowledge that was instilled in me through Bombshell, my coach and OUR sisterhood.

What’s one accomplishment you made that you thought was impossible to achieve?
I have become the first female General Manager in my company in over 20 years!

I honestly believe Bombshell was a HUGE part of this. The confidence I received from becoming healthier exuded into my personal life and made a positive impact on my career. I have done a photo shoot, planned beach days (I used to always make excuses for not going). I have the energy to keep up with my nephew and make him laugh when we do push-ups with him on my back (one of his favorite things to do when I come to town). I have enjoyed 5k fun runs with friends, I’ve gone hiking and have found a new love for outdoor activities.

Above all, I have learned to have a positive outlook toward myself!

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Reilly Burrus has learned to incorporate fitness into her busy lifestyle seamlessly. She completed her transformation while serving in the military! Since winning TOY, Reilly’s life has flourished in her career, and fitness has remained a passion!

What is the Bombshell Difference?
The difference is that Bombshells now have to be healthy physically and mentally, but to also not give up fun and your personal life. The Bombshell difference is knowing when you strayed, to get back on it and kick ass.

How has Bombshell Fitness impacted your life?
Bombshell gave me the courage to mentally make healthy decisions in my life and know it’s okay to say no. My journey has been tough, but I’m making the best decisions for ME now and Bombshell helped me physically and mentally get there.

What’s one accomplishment you made that you thought was impossible to achieve?
Leaving a really terrible home situation. I thought I was stuck. After talking with the coaches and seeing how much I have improved mentally and emotionally, I got myself out of a crappy situation and now it has led me to succeed at work and finally get back on track to grace the stage in the wellness category. I know it will take months, maybe a couple years to get back on track BUT I can now be patient and let the results speak for themselves!

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Mom and former Division I Volleyball Player, Tatum Anderson, came to Bombshell with a dream of stepping on stage as a Bikini Athlete. Not only did she reach that goal she then went on to win TOY in 2018!

What is the Bombshell Difference?
I have always been active as I was a multi-sport athlete my entire life and a Division I College volleyball player, so I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to workouts and nutrition, I was so wrong!

First, the Bombshell Fitness workouts are my absolute favorite. Plus, the fact that I can be in one “mood” one month with wanting to perform my cardio and lifts separately and then the next month I can tell my Coach that I want/need it all combined, and Bombshell VIP Coach Angeles makes it happen! I love that I look forward to working out and that my workouts aren’t ever the same.

The food is delicious. I love that meals can be all different especially with how often you eat. When I was in prep, I couldn’t believe how much eating to perform was so true. It was amazing to see the results happening and really trusting the knowledge and expertise of Bombshell and my Coach!

How has Bombshell Fitness impacted your life?
I enjoy the accountability. I enjoy the support from my Bombshell sisters. I love that every four weeks there is a new plan so I’m never getting bored. And I love that when I’m walking through different seasons of life or stages of fitness, there is always someone to love and support me through it. Coach Angeles has been so great to me!
What’s one accomplishment you made that you thought was impossible to achieve?
Making it to stage! And the fact that I could stick to a plan for 7 months and see the results I did. I have two small children and a demanding role at work but had a supportive husband, my Bombshell Sisters and a big goal to achieve. I trusted the process and leaned on my Bombshell support system which was amazing to hear cheering in the crowd as I stepped on stage.

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In 2020, hundreds of Bombshells took control of their fitness and made huge strides with their goals.
Help us pick the the 2020 WINNER!

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