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BADASS. STRONG. PROUD. SISTERHOOD. CONFIDENT. FAMILY.SUPPORT. FEARLESS. DETERMINED. HAPPY. EMPOWER.“What Does It Mean To Be a Bombshell?” When we asked our members this question the responses were AMAZING! Un-edited and copied straight off our social network so you can see what it means to be #BOMBSHELLPROUD! 

Response from Bombshell Members

“Like a woman” – Bombshell Megan M F.


“Tough, Resilient, UNSTOPPABLE.. “ – Bombshell Cynthia B.

“DETERMINED. PROUD. MOTIVATED.” – Bombshell Kimberly J.

“Consistency, Will Power and Inspiration” – Bombshell Sherri Z.

“MUCH NEEDED STRUCTURE :)” – Bombshell Lisandra M.

“HAPPY NEW LIFE!? – Bombshell Michele B.

“I am a bombshell because we are women empowering each other. Strong bodies and strong minds from many diverse backgrounds combined into one big family around the world.” – Bombshell Angie S.

“My. New. Lifestyle. Proud and humbled to be apart of this Team.” – Bombshell Alexandra R.

“Complete, support & structure ( being able to balance working out, eating right, work, school, social life. =)” – Bombshell Kimberly

“Fearless. Enlightened. Loyal [to being true to yourself so that you can do what is right for others.” – Bombshell Nicole T.

“Finding self confidence, Global sisterhood, Positive transformation everyday!” – Bombshell DEEPIKA C.


“Getting my goal, doing my diet properly and consistent” – Bombshell Arlene P.

“Beautiful, Confident, Firm” – Bombshell Shweta

“Strength, Self confidence, Powerful ( powerful support , powerful team , powerful women)” – Bombshell Patricia S.

“Support, Fierce, Conquer” – Bombshell Jaime T.

“Inspired Motivated fearless! Thank you team bombshell!!!! Each day I’m thankful to be part of such an incredible group of strong women! Bombshell proud!!” – Bombshell Ana

“focused, strong, happy” – Bombshell Leah F.

“consistent, dedicated, strong” – Bombshell Jasmine M.

“healthy, iron sisterhood” – Bombshell Lisa H.

“Resilient, Disciplined, Fierce” – Bombshell Annely T.


“BALANCE, GOAL-GETTER, BRAVE” – Bombshell Chyla A.

“Empowering!, Strong!, Courageous !” – Bombshell Nichole T.

“Confidence, Strength, Beauty” – Bombshell April W.

“Survivor, Determination, Inner Strength & Beauty” – Bombshell April B.

“Confidence ,Support, Powerful” – Bombshell Samantha B.

“Tough, Determined, Sexy” – Bombshell Catherine M.

“Lifestyle, Confidence, Support” – Bombshell Rebekah K.

“Family, Support, Confident” – Bombshell Heather J.

“Food, training, living!” – Bombshell Cecilia P.

“Motivated by like-minded.” – Bombshell Alicia B.

“Feels like home. I’m only in my first month and I love how supportive and encouraging everyone is and the motivation I get from my fellow Bombshells.” – Bombshell Liz R.

“Confident, strong, sexy” – Bombshell Mary G.

“Changed my life” – Bombshell ♔NADIA♔

“Feminine, Sexy, Powerful” – Bombshell Andie M.

“Like a Phoenix, I really have been REBORN/REGENERATED I am learning to be FEARLESS. I have found a SISTERHOOD” – Bombshell Terran F.

“Limitless, Alacrity, Hope” – Bombshell Norvis A.

“Determined, successful, sexy” – Bombshell Xenia

“Inspiring, growing and SEXAY!” – Bombshell Boramey H.

“Discipline. Sacrifice. Worth it :)” – Bombshell megan T.

“Powerful, Ambitious, Sexy!” – Bombshell Annette V.

“Work that ass! Aka: Determination, Will, Success :)” – Bombshell Debra K.

“Congrats Bombshell Fitness for 8 years of success! Beyond excited to be apart of this remarkable team!
Empowering! Disciplined! Badass! 🙂 Have a good day everyone!” – Bombshell Paulina T.

“Persistence, Consistency, Achievement” – Bombshell Aimone

“motivation, inspiration, excitement!” – Bombshell Kelly R.

“Aesthetically accomplished and self-assurance.
Really so much more that words cannot describe.” – Bombshell Eileen L.

“Inspiration, discipline, strength.” – Bombshell Taylor B.

“Bad ass, passion, unity. “ – Bombshell Karen D.

“Dedication, lifestyle, family!” – Bombshell Ilana G.

“Role model, Family, Phoenix!!!!” – Bombshell Maray R.

“Proud, inspired, motivated!!!!” – Bombshell Natalie C.

“FAMILY, SUPPORT, UNCONDITIONALLOVEFORONEANOTHER! (I had to make the last one into one word because it wouldnt count! I cheated :3 )” – Bombshell Vanessa Y.

“Whatever it Takes!” – Bombshell Melissa T.

“Three words for me that describe being a Bombshell are: PERSEVERANCE, HEALTHY, CONQUEROR (of bad habits) :)” – Bombshell Kelly J.

“My new family?” – Bombshell Joy T

“Patience, discipline, and faith” – Bombshell Tenisha M.

“Discipline, Perseverance, patience that changes are not made from one day to another day..” – Bombshell Hortensia

“Lifestyle, Strength, Family” – Bombshell Sherry E.

“Discipline, consistency, strength. “ – Bombshell Jourdanne L.

“Inner strength, sisters, inspire” – Bombshell Angela J.

“Legit, inspiring, can-do” – Bombshell Amy G.

“Strong, healthy, confident” – Bombshell Tricia

“Sisterhood, health, motivation” – Bombshell Heather S.

“Pride confidence strength” – Bombshell Molly M.

“Guidance, motivation, and results!” – Bombshell Romy R.

“Accountability, Sisterhood and Success” – Bombshell Shay H.

“Today for me it means…. One foot in front of the other.” – Bombshell Lorraine P.

“Yes… life-changing; self-perseverance ; inner-strength” – Bombshell Michelle C.

“A better me.” – Bombshell Alisha D.

“Discovering self strength” – Bombshell An V.

“I am a survivor” – Bombshell Maria C.


“Trust confidence warrior :)” – Bombshell Lorena R.

“Inspiration. Integrity & consistency” – Bombshell Denise R.

“Dedication, learning, growth” – Bombshell Shilo N.

“Hard Ass Work!” – Bombshell DeeDee B.

“The true definition of strength (mind, body, family and self love )” – Bombshell Charla W.

“Beautiful INSIDE (and) OUT” – Bombshell Nina H.

“Controlling (my) Destiny (through) Discipline!” – Bombshell Melanee W.

“Results, discipline, confidence!” – Bombshell Cristina S.

“Keeping me going!” – Bombshell Brittany C.

“I’m with Shay.. Lately it means accountability and sisterhood. But it also makes me feel like I can take things to a whole new level.” – Bombshell Stephanie J.


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