Congratulations to Team Bombshell Bikini Athlete and IFBB Pro Eng Tan

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Bombshell Fitness congratulates Team Bombshell Bikini Athlete and IFBB Pro Eng Tan for taking home the title of Masters Pro Champion at the 2018 IFBB MuscleVodka Tampa Pro!

Tan’s coach, Bombshell V.I.P. Coach and IFBB Pro Gennifer Strobo, tells us that Eng has a crazy schedule between working on call and with international clients and having her mother live with her.

But, Strobo says, “She manages to find time to get it all in and if she can’t, she knows not to stress about it and rest her body. I’ve watched her go from a beginner in the NPC and awkward in heels to taking this Pro stage for the first time and flowing through her posing because she put in the practice time it takes. Couldn’t be more proud!”

Tan says, “Thank you Shannon Dey, Coach Gennifer, and all the Bombshell coaches and staff for your forever support and encouragement on my journey. You are all a big part of my success, progress, and growth to my every battle, transformation, and win!”

The IFBB MuscleVodka Tampa Pro was Tan’s pro debut.


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