Lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF. No BS!

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It is a new DECADE! And while many things will change it seems that one thing remains the same, the media keeps confusing the public about nutrition and weight-loss diets. Every single January we watch as people discuss the newest trend and “superfoods.” We refuse to let a new decade start with the SAME old mentality!


1. “You NEED to detox”

  • Detox diets seem to never GO AWAY! If you have a healthy liver and kidneys you are detoxing EVERYDAY! No need to spend your hard earn cash on fancy teas and shakes, instead check in on your hydration. Are you drinking enough water?
  • Bombshells KNOW the importance of water and that is our first focus once you start transforming your body with us. 

2. “Supplements ARE required”

  • If anyone states that supplements are necessary for your weight loss journey, then they are full of BS! Exercise and diet ARE the foundation to get you to your goals, supplements are a nice addition to help you get that much further and ensure you are covering all your nutritional bases (vitamins and minerals).
  • Here at Bombshell Fitness we will give you recommendations on supplements that can help your journey but we NEVER say they’re an absolute must.

3. “Carbs are THE reason you can’t lose weight”

  • CUT THEM ALL OUT! Well of course you will lose weight, you just removed an entire food group. But what a way to live; no birthday cake, valentine’s day chocolates, or restaurant delights (unless you are modifying the entire dish, the Chef will be pissed!). The reality is that Carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet and a must to improve your fitness.
  • We are designed to function best with a well balance of protein, carbs, and fats; which is why your Bombshell nutrition plan includes all foods and food groups! (yes, you will find bread, pasta, rice, and sometimes even chocolate in your plans)

4. “Animal products are THE reason you can’t lose weight”

  • We cannot deny the amazing benefits of eating plenty of vegetables, but to say that eating animal products is keeping you from your goals is simply not accurate. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to get to your health and fitness goals; it’s MUCH harder to maintain your weight loss if you are miserable and constantly wishing you could eat a burger.
  • Instead your nutrition plan will have plenty of protein options and we offer a meatless option on EVERY meal plan in case you decide to eat a little less meat. Because we know that your decision to not eat animal products may be due to reasons other than weight loss and health, we have delicious Vegan, Vegetarian, and Pescatarian plans that are ALSO designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. What if you want to experiment with a Vegan diet? With Bombshell you have the flexibility to try and if you change your mind you can always request a different meal plan.

5. “Your (blank) medical condition must be THE reason you can’t lose weight”

  • Yes, some conditions can make it a little harder to lose weight but it is NOT the sole reason! The truth is you may be moving less than you think and eating more than calories than you realize (there are lots of hidden calories out there)
  • That’s why your Bombshell VIP Coach will give you all the guidance and knowledge (with a little tough love, if you need it) to help you reach your goals. You will also have the Bombshell Sisterhood on our private FB group who will cheer you on when life gets bumpy. And if you’re STILL having a hard time losing weight because of (blank) medical condition your Bombshell Dietitian is here to help! With Bombshell you have SO MUCH support and expertise, success is inevitable!

So don’t let ANOTHER year pass you by. Stop wishing you could have your dream body and start a plan that is designed to give you beautiful and lasting results with ZERO BS.