Say NO NO to YO-YO Dieting

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Consistency is the key to healthy fat loss!

Dieting for an extended period of time is a NO-NO! Another NO-NO is the act of eating badly one day and then starving yourself the next to play catch up! Many studies have found that at least 90 percent of dieters fail at their attempt to keep weight off. So stop doing this uncomfortable, miserable, health jeopardizing act to yourself. Dieting can bring on numerous physical and psychological problems.

Physically your body needs calories and nutrition to run properly. If you are experiencing fatigue, weakness, cardiac problems, gallstones, hypertension, reduced bone mass, irritability or extreme hunger, chances are you are not fueling your engine properly. Weight-loss methods due to restricting vital nutrients can result in some sort of weight gain at some point and cause your body to be carb, fat, sodium and calorie sensitive. This yo-yo effect contributes to the development of high blood pressure, damaged blood vessels, and most importantly heart disease. Chronic dieting can also lead to calcium deficiency, which will contribute to the long-term damage of your bones and most importantly your spine. If your body does not get what it needs, it will shut down and you will be back where you started in no time.

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