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Where are your New Year’s goals? Are they still stowed away in your head?
Have you written them down? Did you make them S.M.A.R.T?

The way you word your goals can make ALL the difference when things start to get a little tough
(Spoiler, it WILL get tough. You have to be RELENTLESS!)

A GOOD goal PULLS you towards it no matter what, making the resistance of LIFE much easier to deal with.

Let’s look at these two examples

“This year I want to lose 15 lbs.”

What’s wrong with this goal:

  • Not specific
  • Sounds dreadful
  • Does not inspire you
  • No specific timing
  • Doesn’t specify how
“This year I WILL lose 15 lbs. of FAT by working out and eating healthy foods and I WILL keep it off all year!”

What’s right with this goal:

  • Specific (Anyone can just lose weight; we want to lose FAT!)
  • Measurable (the number of lbs.
  • Action (specifies HOW you WILL achieve this goal)
  • Realistic (Make it realistic for YOU, we can help you establish what that is)
  • Timed (keep it off all year, NO YO-YOs)

Now that you have your SMART goals
follow these tips to get the MOST out of your goals list.

Write down your WHY!

Why do you want to get fit and healthy? Maybe to have ENERGY and remain active with the kids, to be a positive influence on those around you, to feel AMAZING for that special event, or (dare we say it) to look and feel like a ROCKSTAR naked! Your WHY will keep your goal ALIVE no matter what.

Review your why and your goals. Re-write them daily!

Only takes 5-10 minutes per day, we know your scroll on Social for way longer. So, take back some of that time and use it to ensure you continue to stay focused on what you WILL accomplish, HOW you will do it, and WHY you want it. That is time well spent!

Celebrate your successes (no matter how small)

Every small step gets you closer to your destination. Did you pass on ice cream at the store after a stressful day? Did you get to the gym even though you didn’t feel like it? TELL US! Post on social and tag us, let us celebrate with you!

If you slipped, GET BACK UP!

Move on quickly from ANY and ALL slip-ups, that means no punishment or guilt. It’s not going to be a perfect journey, that’s ok! What matters is that you KEEP GOING no matter how hard you fall.

Watch your words!

Words matter, that means you have to be kind to yourself through this journey. That means there are NO “I can’t,” “I lack ____”, or I am not good enough” allowed! Any time you start to hear that negative voice go back to your goals and your WHY. Review them and then say (and BELIEVE) at least 3 positive affirmations. Here are a few examples: “I am relentless, I am making progress, I am reinventing myself daily, I am a BOMBSHELL”

Goal writing is ESSENTIAL, but a goal without action is just a wish. Making your goals SMART and following these tips will ensure that you SLAY the new decade! Your Bombshell body is a decision away. Your VIP coach will ensure you are keeping all your 2020 goals, don’t delay!