Women over 50 defying the limits!

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Three Tips on how to feel healthy, fit, energetic and AGELESS

Aging is not an option, it is inevitable. However, what aging looks and feels like on YOU is most definitely a CHOICE!

Meet VIP Coach Denise Rose and Bombshell Certified Coach Maria Carlone, two amazing Bombshells that are FABULOUS over 50!

Success leaves clues, and these two have some very similar philosophies on what helps them maintain an active and healthy life. We interviewed these Bombshells to uncover their secrets, and after comparing their answers, we have narrowed it down to these 3 HOT Tips!

Ageless Bombshell Tip #1: The 80/20 Bombshell Lifestyle!

When asked to provide advice for women over 40, both fitness enthusiasts agree that living a fitness centered 80/20 “lifestyle” taught by Bombshell Fitness is key!

The 80/20 Lifestyle DEFINED

The 80/20 rule is at the ROOT of the Bombshell Lifestyle.
You do not “diet” and you do not completely abandon the amazing things life has to offer in order to live fit.

Instead, you work fitness into your current lifestyle by making it simply a part of your daily routine, taking rest days and taking time AWAY from the gym to ENJOY all that life has to offer.

Choose healthy nutritious foods 80% of the time and give yourself the freedom to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation 20% of the time WITHOUT guilt!

The Bombshell 80/20 rule teaches moderation, consistency and brings long term RESULTS.

Both of these Bombshells have mastered the art of incorporating health into their daily lives, “I seriously live by the 80/20 rule!” says Denise.

Maria specifies “I have learned to live what Bombshell branded the 80/20 LIFESTYLE instead of the ALL OR NOTHING lifestyle.”

Maria also explains that a shift away from the diet mentality and towards balance took time and work; “Be consistent but REMEMBER, consistency does not equal PERFECTION. I had to learn how to have balance in my life and Bombshell has DEFINITELY given me the ability to balance!”

Maria tells us that the best way to get started on the Bombshell Lifestyle is to start incorporating the habits that will add up over time such as:

  • Drinking water
  • Eating more vegetables
  • Moving every day
  • Eating less processed foods

She also tells us, “It does not have to be perfect, but it does have to be constant! “SO BE PERSISTENT!”

Tip #2: Community!

Community is essential in success! The support, encouragement, and love radiates from every part of the Bombshell Sisterhood. Denise said it best when she stated, “being surrounded by positive like-minded, STRONG women has helped me be more successful.”

Denise explains that her journey with Bombshell began almost 10 years ago with the goal of becoming more successful in the world of competing and tells us that, “The role of Bombshell in my life has evolved into a community of like-minded women who genuinely want to be the best versions of themselves”

Denise describes her experience with Bombshell has been “Life-changing!” She has crushed every fitness goal she set for herself, and tells us that beyond her fitness goals, “along the way the experiences have impacted EVERY area of my life positively.”

Maria found Bombshell after a personal tragedy that left her feeling lost and alone. A majority of us can relate to the pain from losing a loved one. She opened her heart and told us this:

“I found no joy in anything I normally loved doing. I was numb. I knew I needed to make positive changes in my life and do something to pull myself out of the hole I was in. I met Shannon Dey at the Arnold Classic and in December of that year, I went to camp! What a GAME CHANGER! Being around a group of positive, confident, amazing women for that weekend completely changed my life.

As they say I found my tribe! I am a happy, healthy confident woman because of Bombshell.”

A STRONG community can help pull us out of dark times and push us to be the best version of ourselves. The power of people and community is PRICELESS! And as both these amazing inspiring women have said, the Community found at Bombshell Fitness is “LIFE-CHANGING.”

Tip #3: Community!

Clearly, these two stunning women have made the Bombshell Lifestyle a MUST!

Maria shares that continuing to grow in all areas of life has simply become part of who she is! She tells us, “The amazing thing about being a Bombshell is you have the tools to continue to evolve physically, mentally, and emotionally!” Maria has earned her confidence, which drives her to continue to reach further and impact more people.

Denise describes that fitness is quote, “WHO I am, and that mentality keeps me on point to take care of myself” Denise finds extreme joy from being an example and showing that it is possible to change your habits and your life.

So make taking care of YOU a MUST! Don’t break promises to yourself. Do what makes you uncomfortable, THAT is where you will FIND the change you are looking for! THAT is where the “new you” resides!

The moment you decide this LIFESTYLE is a MUST, you will see AMAZING transformations in not only your body, but your LIFE as a whole.


A final word of advice from Maria is to “NEVER use your age as a reason to not chase your dreams!”

Whether it is getting started on a fitness program, running a marathon, keeping up with the little ones, or hiking the tallest peaks, YOU are worth the work it takes to live your dream.

Age is never an obstacle! Find the people and environment that will help you get there and RUN towards the person you want to be…

She is waiting for YOU!
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