You Are Beautiful

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By Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education & CEO-Founder Bombshell Fitness

As a career fitness professional, I have spent many years surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world. Many of the models that you see gracing the pages of the fitness magazines on your grocery story shelves are Bombshell Clients, and I work with countless beautiful women of all nationalities and backgrounds from across the globe. You may think that beautiful women are simply “born perfect” or that they have no flaws, and that their beauty is a product of good luck and genetic gifts. You may feel as if you could never feel as beautiful or walk as confidently as these women. I am here to tell you right now, that you ARE beautiful, you DO deserve to walk tall through life and the feeling of strength and confidence that you desire is ALREADY within you. All you have to do is unveil it and celebrate the amazing being that is YOU! Does that reality seem like a fantasy? Does feeling beautiful seem out of your reach? Here are a few things I have learned along the way from working with the most “beautiful” women in the world that will help find YOUR beauty (it’s been there all along)!

1. Take Care of YOU!

Women are notorious of taking care of everyone else in their lives and putting themselves last. In the midst of work, home life, children and everything in between it is very easy to forget to take care of yourself and in turn start feeling out of touch with your physical self. In order to feel beautiful, you have to take charge of your health and fitness every day. Make the time to get to the gym, take time to prepare your healthy meals, stay away from fattening foods; not only will it show on the outside, but it will make you FEEL better about yourself and radiate in everything that you do.

2. Get Dressed!

How can you feel good about your appearance if you don’t get dressed for the day? Are you in a habit of barely brushing your hair before you leave the house and throwing on the first thing you find? You don’t have to be a fashionista on a daily basis (who has time for that?), but a little makeup, wearing something flattering and simply get DRESSED for your day can go a long way. Women who feel beautiful know that few extra moments getting ready for the world, helps you walk out the door feeling more confident and ready to tackle whatever comes your way!

3. What Flaws?

Yep, you’ve got flaws. We ALL do, including the women you see gracing the pages of the magazines! And guess what? Those flaws that seem so glaring in your eyes very likely aren’t noticed by anyone else until you point them out! Instead of focusing on what you think is WRONG with you, it’s time to start focusing on what is RIGHT! Celebrate who you ARE, and those flaws that seem so glaring in your eyes will take their rightful place in the background far behind the amazing qualities that make you special and unique.

4. Treat Others Beautifully

Over the years I have watched the reaction of others to different women I coach of all shapes and sizes. It is not always the woman who has the best body or most “picture perfect” beauty who is admired the most. It is the woman who makes OTHER people feel great about themselves in her presence that turns heads. It is the woman whose presence is glowing and genuinely kind who rivets people to her. Treat others beautifully and your physical beauty will shine that much brighter to everyone around you.


You are what you believe you are! Tell yourself each morning when you wake up that you are BEAUTIFUL and you DESERVE to take care of yourself to become the BEST you can be! Believe that you are beautiful and present yourself to the WORLD proud of who you are. You may just be surprised at the reaction that you receive!

In working with the most beautiful women in the world for more than a decade, I have learned that there is so much more to beauty than a flawless face or a perfect body. Even in photographs, it is not always the woman who is the closest to “aesthetically perfect” who is the most beautiful. The most beautiful women in the world have a quiet confidence that allows them to feel great about the skin they are in, and in turn use their beauty to help others feel great about themselves. YOU have this quality; YOU have what it takes to be feel beautiful. All you have to do is take care of yourself, present yourself in a positive fashion to the world, push your perceived flaws to the background, treat others beautifully and BELIEVE that YOU radiate beauty simply for being who and what you ARE!


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