The Bombshell Booty™ Program

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Based on the current personal training system crafted and utilized by Bombshell™ Founder/CEO Shannon Dey, the Bombshell Booty Training System™ is designed to create a curvy, toned, feminine physique. Originally innovated by Shannon Dey in 2007, this body sculpting training methodology revolutionized the Competitive Bikini Division of the NPC/IFBB, and created the Gold Standard for beautiful bodies worldwide. Now an iconic figure of health, fitness and femininity for women of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and professions— this is the training program Shannon has refined and evolved over several years and now uses as her personal training system every day!

The major emphasis of this training program is on the lower body, specifically glutes and hamstrings, which for most women is a significant problem area. Upper body training is incorporated but is not emphasized. The Bombshell Booty Training System™ is designed to transform ANY shape booty into a tight, a toned, curvy booty that will “stand up” and get noticed! Simultaneously, you will develop shapely legs and a streamlined waist. Your upper body will be tight and toned without building muscular size.

This program is NOT designed for those planning to compete in physique competitions/pageants or look like a competitor in either of these divisions. It is designed for the woman who wants to have a curvy, feminine, streamlined physique with a great backside “engineered” to instill confidence when she enters any room in any form-fitting outfit.

Age is NOT a factor! Shannon Dey is 45 years old and in the BEST shape of her life, and her training methods have proven wildly successful for thousands of women much younger and older! These photographs, taken January 2015, are realistic representations of Ms. Dey’s body. None of her shapes & contours have been altered in any way.

“The Bombshell Booty Training System ™” consists of monthly training and nutrition plans—modified each month based on your individual progress and goals, professional Coaching and 24/7 online support!

Weight Training – 3 x per week for 45-60 minutes

Cardiovascular Training – 5 x per week for 45 minutes (Options for indoor or outdoor cardio work)

Nutrition – Daily Meal Plans with various choices of protein, carbohydrates and fats designed to give you the proper nutritional support to sculpt your body and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

With the Bombshell Booty™ membership, you will receive: 

  1. Monthly Cardio, Workout and Nutrition plans.
  2. Your own in-house certified Bombshell Fitness Coach to assess your progress and assist you in your journey.
  3. Bi-weekly phone or video consultation with your Coach on the alternate weeks you submit progress pictures.
  4. Progress pictures will be submitted to your Coach on a bi-weekly basis and one-on-one Coaching consultations will follow.
  5. Unlimited access to our extensive online exercise library.
  6. Unlimited access and our very vibrant members-only Social Network where you can interact 24/7 with Bombshells from every corner of the globe for inspiration, motivation, help and support!
  7. Unlimited access to attend all Bombshell Camps & Academies (Additional fees apply)