Bombshell VIP Susan Bozeman

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When life gets tough, YOU GET TOUGHER!

THIS is the life motto of Susan Bozeman, a 66-year-old Veterinarian and total Bombshell Bada$$!

To look at Susan, you would think that fitness comes EASY to her, but don’t be fooled, Susan is no stranger to the blows of life; from osteoarthritis to a horse-riding accident.

However, nothing can stop THIS Bombshell!

SUSAN’S Journey:

When a medical condition called an esophageal stricture left her unable to eat for 3 weeks, she felt extremely weak from the 16-pound weight loss (and NOT the good kind of weight loss, ladies!).

It was at this time that Susan decided that exercise was necessary to take hold of her health, wellbeing and to gain physical strength, so she joined the gym.

She then hired what she described as “deconditioned trainers” that would provide her with quote “random exercises and meaningless cardio sessions.” Needless to say, Susan was not finding the results she was expecting. After a few months, she came across a Bombshell at the gym, our very own VIP Coach Denise Rose. Susan watched as Denise trained, competed, and earned IFBB Pro Status.

Denise encouraged Susan to join Bombshell Fitness to finally get the results she was looking for. However, Susan tells us that she hesitated as she could not believe Bombshell could be for quote, “old people.”

In January 2018, Susan finally took the plunge and became a Bombshell VIP. She started training, following the nutrition plan and seeing results. Then, LIFE struck HARD. In April 2018 Susan underwent a partial knee replacement and later that, year her horse literally rolled over her back! Unbelievably, Susan walked away from the accident. However, she did suffer from a torn shoulder which would require surgery.

When life gets tough you GET TOUGHER!

With the help of Coach Denise and the Bombshell Training System, Susan was able to adjust training as she recovered. She REFUSED to give up and continued to push through every obstacle. Susan tells us that she has definitely grown stronger BECAUSE of her obstacles and will NOT allow them to stop her.

Susan NO LONGER believes the lies that you are “too old” to change your body or your life and PROVED exactly this when in the Summer of 2019 she went on to take home a THIRD PLACE VICTORY (beating out over 100 other Fit Women!) at the Battle of the Bombshells Obstacle Course at BOMiCON.

Here is what Susan had to say about her Bombshell Fitness Experience:

“The food and workouts changed my body shape this past 2 years without changing my weight. The Bombshell Plan allows for tailored success based on an individual’s goals.”

What do you love most about Bombshell Fitness?

“I am fortunate to have attended BOMiCON twice. The Coaches and Administration at Bombshell are truly kind and caring. I was in the presence of Rock Stars and they treated me like Royalty.

They were positive, uplifting, and professional in their leadership.

Maybe what I really liked best at BOMiCON was my table of Besties! These diverse, wonderful women took joy in the companionship of shared goals, interests, and included this 66-year-old Lady. Through Bombshell we had three generations at our table. I was proud to be included and old enough to be their Grandmother. I think between us all, our table won seven trophies!”

What is your #1 tip for future Bombshells?

“Hey, Bombshells and future Bombshells. My advice from this old lady to all of you young ones: START NOW! Life is short. You never know when a horse may fall on you.”

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This is what Coach Denise had to say about Susan and her journey:

“I ABSOLUTELY love Susan’s determination! She has truly had an amazing mental and physical transformation! 

I have watched her over the past few years gain priceless mental toughness as she has recovered from surgeries and injuries with a “Can-do” attitude.

Her self-confidence has greatly improved, she has become SO very much stronger mentally and physically.  I am just SO proud of her!”

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Lastly, Susan would like to say thank you:

“Thank you, Bombshell, Shannon Dey, Denise Rose for the honor of naming me Bombshell of the Month.

I have learned through my fitness journey that we all face challenges. These are easier to face with a spotter like everyone at Bombshell backing you up. Hope I can spot for you someday”

We thank you, Susan! Your drive, humor, and love for life is a true inspiration for ALL generations!

We are honored to help continue to push you to better your best!

Interested in becoming a BOMBSHELL V.I.P MEMBER?

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