Consistency + Time = RESULTS!

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By Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education & CEO-Founder Bombshell Fitness

The world we live in is FAST.  Instant results are a normal part of our daily lives.  From instant search results on the internet, to instant oatmeal and one-click overnight shipping, we expect things to come to us quickly and without much effort.  However, even in this fast paced world, there are things that still take time and effort.  Building relationships, educational pursuits and perfecting desired skills take time, hard work, commitment and patience.  And just like other long term endeavors, your journey on the path to health and fitness takes time, dedication, perseverance and daily consistency in order to create success.

Due to the fact that we are used to fast results within our daily lives, being patient when working toward our fitness goals does not come easily.  Succeeding in your fitness goals does not just “happen”.  Losing weight and changing your body takes time and daily focus.  This daily, long term focus takes concentrated effort and a commitment to success.  These skills are not something we are born with, and in our instant results oriented society are not ingrained in us from a young age, they must be developed.  Here are a few tips to help YOU buckle down for the long haul and realize the sweet taste of success!

  1.  Stop Looking at Me – It is so very tempting to look at ourselves and search for a change in our physique each time we pass a mirror.  However, constantly staring in a mirror is like watching a pot boil, it gets very frustrating! Instead of focusing on changes in the mirror, concentrate on pushing HARDER, getting STRONGER, and eating CLEANER. As these aspects improve, you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment!  Then, when you DO pull out the mirror, the changes to your physique will be a bonus reward!
  2. One Day at a Time – You can’t diet for a couple of weeks and expect to change months or even years of damage!  You played quite a bit to get where you are today!  Don’t be so hard on yourself by expecting too much too soon.  It will take at least three weeks of consistent nutrition and training for your metabolism to even START to kick in.  You may not see any visible changes within the first month, but do not get discouraged!  Be CONSISTANT on your plan each and every day, take one day at a time and the changes WILL come!
  3. Realize That It’s Not Going to be Easy – You have to be prepared for the fact that when you first start your journey of a health and fitness lifestyle it is HARD, you want to quit, the cravings make you crazy and the gym can feel like torture. However, if you stick with it and defeat isn’t an option, over time your new healthy lifestyle will simply become a part of YOU and your daily life!  It won’t be so hard anymore, you won’t crave bad food choices like you used to, and you will actually look forward to, and get excited for the gym! Simply suck it up and stick it out in the beginning.  Everyone who has succeeded in becoming fit had to start somewhere and struggled just like you.  Don’t give in because in time you WILL see results and the struggle will all be worth it!
  4. Don’t Do Anything Crazy – In an attempt to speed up the process, many try “crazy” quick fixes toward weight loss and fitness.  Starvation diets, excessive exercise, magic weight loss pills and potions are not the key to long term success!  Not only do these methods not work, they can also be detrimental to your health.  Keep it simple.  Eat clean food, exercise regularly and stay away from programs guaranteeing instant results.  Striving toward your health and fitness goals the RIGHT way will help you create a new lifestyle which equates to long term success.

We live in a world full of fast results.  In this day and age, all that we want and desire is right at our fingertips.  Due to this culture of instant gratification, finding patience when working toward our fitness goals can be extremely difficult!  Succeeding in your fitness goals does not just “happen”.  Losing weight and changing your body takes consistency over time and the ability to see past our desire for instant results and in order to do this, we must master the skills necessary to be patient and persevere during our fitness journey.   The fact that this journey does not come easily, and the obstacles that must be overcome along the way makes the end rewards that much sweeter.