FIVE MINUTES to a Glamorous Bombshell EYE!

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BEFORE Bombshell you ALREADY had a busy everyday life that most likely kept you going from sun up to sun down. Then, when you brought the World of Bombshell into your life, you had to find time within your already busy schedule to squeeze in in food prep, training and cardio…OH MY!

Often times in the midst of it all, the LAST thing you seem to be able to find time for is to leave the house each day looking and feeling “oh so glamorous”.  However, never wearing any makeup and always sporting a sweaty ponytail can wear on a girl and how she feels about the package she presents to the world.  Here is a step-by-step guide to a quick and easy five minute eye makeup routine for all ages and skin tones that will help you leave the house feeling confident and ready for the day without slowing you down!

womanapplyingeyecream1. Eye Cream

Dab a tiny bit of eye cream all around your eye, both on the entire lid and below.

2. Concealer

Apply a concealer several shades lighter than your natural skin tone all the way around your eye. Blend OUT so that there is not a distinct stop and start point to the concealer.

makeupconcealer3. White or Taupe Pencil Eyeliner

If you are fair skinned, use bright white, if you are darker use a light taupe eyeliner on your LOWER INNER LID. This will “open” your eyes. (For those of us Over 40 it is a GODSEND to making us look YOUNGER!)

4. Black Pencil Eyeliner

Suitable for all skin shades, apply a thin line of black liner under your lower eyelashes with the concentration being out the OUTSIDE of the eye. Blend outward slightly with a very small brush

5. Gold or Taupe Based LIGHT Eyeshadow

Suitable for all skin shades. Apply light shadow all over the entire lid and in the inside corners of the eye.

phloof16. Brown, Black or Purple Eyeshadow

Choose the shade which looks best on YOU and apply to the OUTSIDE crease of the upper eyelid ONLY and blend slightly upward.

7. Black mascara

Suitable for all skin shades. Generously, apply black mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.


8. Black liquid eyeliner

Suitable for all skin shades. Apply a thin line of black liquid eyeliner across the lid directly on/above the lash line. Make the line thinner toward the inside of the eye and thicken the line as you take it to the outside of the eye. Once you hit the outer edge of the eye, draw “up” past the corner of your eye.
After a few tries and you get the hang of it, this process will only take about five minutes! A quick and easy way to leave the house feeling like a Bombshell Beauty without taking time away from the rest of your day!