ENJOY Halloween and KEEP that Wicked Boo-ty!

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It’s OCTOBER! Welcome to TEMPTATION Season!

There is Pumpkin “everything” available, Halloween candy at every turn, Friday Night Lights, and work parties starting to fill up your calendar.  With ALL of this temptation and stress, you just may be feeling like it would be better to give up NOW and start OVER in the New Year!

NO way Bombshell! You are STRONGER than that!!

And guess what? You CAN enjoy the Holiday Season starting with HALLOWEEN and STILL keep that Wicked Boo-ty!

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a “life sentence”! It is time to FINALLY get rid of that all or nothing mentality and FORGET all of the social media hacks like extra brushing of your teeth, chewing gum, and buying candy you hate in order to stay on track!

Here are 3 TIPS to ENJOY Halloween Guilt-Free!

  1. Know you can have it.

    Changing your mindset is the most essential step in your health and fitness journey. Get yourself out of deprivation city and enter moderation eutopia!

    Telling yourself you CAN have a treat if you TRULY want it is a huge breakthrough. You are much less likely to overdo it when you know you have the freedom to enjoy the foods you love. At Bombshell we live by the 80/20 rule for SUCCESS (80% healthy / 20% indulgent).

    Some of you may be thinking, “There is NO WAY I can give myself the freedom to have candy and cookies every day!!” Think again! Once you know you CAN have something indulgent if you want it, you will start noticing you don’t crave those foods as much.

  2. Walk it out + a little Challenge.

    One of the FUN things about this season is being outside and enjoying the cooler temperatures. This is great because our sedentary lifestyle can lead to tight hips and weak muscles. So, while you are out and about… throw some fun challenges into your event?

    Are you Trick or Treating? This is a perfect time to get extra steps in! Challenge yourself to hit a specific number of steps with the kiddos! Want an extra challenge? How about doing 5 Squats EVERY time your kid receives a certain type of candy. Make it fun for your kids and have them pick the candy that equals a specific move. You can mix this up any way you want.

    Just imagine… oh you got Reese’s… that’s 20 High Knees!

    M&M’s … time to squat!

    And so on!

    This little game can convert to any of your outdoor functions. For example, with the family at a football game? Squats for 1st down conversions… Shannon Deys for Field Goals… you get the picture. Make fitness a FUN Family affair!

  3. Pack your treats.

    It happens EVERY Halloween. The bags are full, there is candy EVERYWHERE just sitting around the house BEGGING you to indulge! You know you CAN have it because you’re following 80/20, but how much is too much?

    Multiple research studies have shown an increase in calorie consumption when eating from large containers or bags. Just as you prep your meals, prep your treats. Divide out candy into individual baggies, mason jars, or Tupperware (3 small servings are around 150 calories).

    Then for some added motivation, why not place an index card with a positive, uplifting, goal-oriented message with each portioned out treat. Now you get the perfect portioned treat AND a friendly reminder to keep focused on your goals.

    Here are a few ideas:
    “Hey, Bombshell! Before you enjoy this write your goal below.”

“You are doing fantastic on your journey! Enjoy this treat and keep killing your week!”

“This treat will give you a little more fuel for that early morning Run!”

“This treat will NOT help a stressful day, take a minute to relax and breath. Write something positive about yourself here. Better? Now enjoy this treat.”

Three simple ways to have your Halloween Candy and Eat it Too! Be sure to snap a picture showing us how you used these tips and #ThatBombshellLife. We want to feature YOU!

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