I Call Bullsh*t!

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By Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education & CEO-Founder Bombshell Fitness

Everywhere we turn, there are advertisements for fitness and weight loss programs bombarding us with promises of a quicker, easier way to shed the pounds. These ads promise everything from eating whatever you want and dropping dress sizes, to exercising for under ten minutes a day and ending up looking like a supermodel. It’s easy they say, it’s fun they say, it’s like a game they say, you can enjoy all your favorite foods they say, you don’t have to give up anything they say…


Having been in the trenches of the fitness business for over two decades, I have seen, heard and tried it all. From fitness fads like the “rebounder” (mini trampoline aerobics) to giving a shellfish diet a try (I still can’t look at shrimp), I have been there and done that, TWICE.

Twenty plus years later I KNOW what the SECRET to obtaining and KEEPING a fit, strong, youthful body that you can LIVE and feel GREAT in. The secret isn’t in a bottle, a pill, a fad diet or the latest trendy group exercise class. The SECRET, my friends is amazingly SIMPLE:

  1. Eat CLEAN 90% of the time
  2. Engage in Cardiovascular activity
  3. Weight train utilizing the RIGHT combination of exercises

Yep, that’s it. The “big secret” is out and truly, isn’t a secret at all!

With the answer being THIS simple, why do we after all these years still fall for the B.S. that advertisers send our way? Why are they STILL making money off of our search for the holy grail of fitness? The answer is that they are profiting through telling us what we WANT to hear, rather than what we NEED to hear, and unfortunately, we take the bait.

WHY? Unfortunately, it is more effective to appeal to human weakness than strength. So many of these “weight loss” programs prey on human psychology and our “default” programming to take the easy way out with the least amount of sacrifice to accomplish a very difficult goal.

This approach to selling “health and fitness” insults and offends me because it assumes we are WEAK and IGNORANT with little common sense or self-determination.

I built a successful fitness company on exactly the OPPOSITE premise—appealing to our inherent but underdeveloped strengths! We challenge women (and now men) to find the courage to stop making excuses and start making change. We inspire those who have failed at every other fitness and diet regime to succeed with our education, expertise, guidance and support. We SUCCEED because we BELIEVE in people’s STRENGTHS and ability to CHANGE. And we tell it like it is, not how we all wish it could be.

Time for TRUTH!

Is there an easy way out? Nope! Is the true path to fitness always fun? Not always, no. Will you savor every morsel of clean food and bound out of bed for cardio every day? Umm…no! Sorry to burst your bubble but sometimes living a healthy lifestyle really sucks. There are days that the LAST thing you will want to do is drag yourself out from under the comfy covers in the morning to do cardio. And damn, pizza 5 nights a week sounds AWESOME, but if you want to maintain your physique and live a long/healthy life, the pizza diet ain’t gonna cut it!

However, despite the sacrifices, as a lifestyle, living healthy IS great! There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after a killer workout. Achieving goals through discipline and hard work will ENHANCE your ability to reach your life goals outside of fitness. The ENERGY level gained from eating simple, clean foods can’t be beat (and yes, it can taste good too!). Once exercise is a habit, you will look FORWARD to your time in the gym. Being healthy for those you love is the greatest gift you could give.   And yes, feeling like a million bucks when you look in the mirror…not too shabby!

The Lifestyle

Living fit for life is NOT to drift in whatever direction the trendy winds blow, but to stick to the SIMPLE, real deal and make it part of your daily existence. Incorporating these three habits in to your lifestyle will FINALLY bring fitness in to your life the RIGHT way.

1. Clean Eating

To eat clean simply means to eat real, whole foods that have not been over-processed. Staples like chicken breast, lean beef, fish, whole grains and green vegetables cooked with minimal additional ingredients are examples of clean eating. Many find it helpful to follow a pre-written plan like we offer at Bombshell Fitness. Let the professionals create your menu, follow the plan, and go on with your life. No tricks, fads, weird food restrictions are going to get you anywhere. Simply eat real, clean food in the proper proportions.

When it comes to clean eating, strive to use the 80% rule. Eat clean around 80% of the time, allowing yourself to ENJOY the amazing foods that the world has to offer the other 20%! Eating clean 100% of the time is NO fun, not to mention impossible to maintain long term, and attempting to do so will only set you up for failure. Give yourself a treat from time to time, such as on a Saturday night or Sunday brunch, and enjoy a moderate, decadent meal of choice with those you love. Savor the moment, and then go back to eating clean as part of your daily life with your following meal.

2. Cardiovascular Activity

No matter what anyone attempts to tell you, cardiovascular activity is vital for your health. The new trends of cutting out all cardiovascular activity during attempted weight loss are just that, trends, and an attempt to tell consumers what they WANT to hear. When the CDC tells us that cardiovascular exercise is essential for good health, I call bullsh*t on anyone who says that it isn’t necessary. Additionally, the calorie and fat burning benefits of cardiovascular exercise in relation to weight loss cannot be denied. Cardiovascular activity five days a week in conjunction with a clean diet and weight training brings amazing results.

3. Weight Training

Weight training is essentially the fountain of youth! Weight training not only can reduce or reverse age related decrease in muscle mass, but it also will re-shape your body! In addition, muscle burns more calories than fat, so when you gain muscle, your body becomes a more efficient fat burning machine, even when you sleep. However, not all weight training is created equal. Be mindful of WHICH weight-training program you choose and make sure that it is designed to create your specific desired results. For instance, the training programs that I design for the Bombshell Fitness Training System™ are specifically engineered to create an hourglass shape.

The ONLY way to re-shape your body and build lean muscle mass is through weight training. The cardiovascular machines shown on infomercials claiming to change your shape with only a twenty minute session on their device are well…bullsh*t!

Bottom Line

There are too many companies preying on the desire of consumers to be fit by telling them what they WANT to hear, rather than what they NEED to hear. Living fit and looking/feeling great isn’t easy. It takes time, consistency and dedication. It can’t be bought in a bottle, or achieved without hard work. You are going to struggle, you are going to have to make sacrifices, you will get discouraged, and you are going to have to do things that sometimes you simply don’t FEEL like doing. As much as I would love to tell you that there is a super-fun, magical secret to it all, there is not. Losing weight, getting fit and healthy is NOT a game. It’s serious work that pays short and long term dividends—and can also be very enjoyable!

Now that you are armed with the TRUTH, you may be questioning your ABILITY to live the fit lifestyle. I am here to tell you:


Over the years, I have witnessed countless individuals turn their lives around. Countless individuals make sacrifices in their lives to find even GREATER rewards. The end rewards of accomplishing your goals, feeling great about your appearance and most importantly living a LONG, healthy life with those you love is PRICELESS and well worth the small sacrifices made.

Make THIS the year that you stop looking for a quick fix, tune out the bull-sh*t of quick fix fads when it comes your way, and simply eat clean, do your cardio and train. Give it a try, and soon everyone will be asking you for YOUR magic potion for health and fitness success!

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