Live a Turtles Life

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By Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education & CEO-Founder Bombshell Fitness

The symbolism of turtles means many different things to many different people. “Slow and steady wins the race”, or the tale of the “Tortoise and the Hare”. Although those philosophies have merit, when it comes to YOU becoming the best you can be and achieving your health and fitness goals; think of how a turtle begins each and every day, the first movement they make in order to move forward in any way. What is this critical first step? Turtles STICK THEIR NECK OUT! Yes, a turtle knows that they can’t move forward, can’t gain any momentum without “sticking their neck out!” So when it comes to achieving your goals and being your best, live a turtle’s life and know this:
You Can’t Get ANYWHERE Without Sticking Your Neck Out!
The turtle knows that even though the world is big and can be scary, they MUST stick their neck out to make it to their destination. It is time for YOU to conquer your fears and stick YOUR neck out to move forward and reach your goals. “Fear sucks.” It sucks the wind out of your sails, the passion from your heart and the determination from your mind. One of the largest deterrents people have in reaching their goals is fear. Conquer the following paralyzing obstacles of the mind and take the first step toward reaching your goals:

What if I Fail?

Robert Sternberg, a Professor of Psychology at Yale University has constructed several theories upon the effect of fear on success. He has found that successful people crave success more than they fear failure. If you are someone who fears failure, you may feel that craving success is an impossible feat. This is not the case! Make a conscious effort EACH time fearful thoughts enter your mind to flip it to how badly you want success. Rather than being afraid of whether you can stick to your nutrition plan, be EXCITED about the prospect of sticking to it and how GREAT you will feel as you succeed! Instead of being afraid of whether you will perform well on stage during your show, crave the feeling you will have when you perfectly perform your quarter turns. By simply changing your mindset from fear to success, you will change your outcome!

What Will Everyone Think?

One of the most common concerns I come across when working with new Bombshells is their fear of what everyone else in their life will think as they embark on a fitness journey. The reaction of sedentary co-workers, friends and family to their new lifestyle is the first thought on many of these women’s mind as they become interested in changing their life. “What if they chastise me?” “What if they don’t support me?” Changing your life and becoming a better you is all about YOU! Let everyone around you live as they choose, and request that they do the same for you. In the beginning, you just may find resistance from those around you, but you cannot let this deter you from reaching your goals. Keep going, and as they see that becoming a better, healthier you does not change who you are as a person, they will come around. Remember, this journey is all about YOU, no one else!

I’m Afraid to Work That Hard!

Listen up; making a change takes work, dedication, sacrifice and discipline. It isn’t going to be all fun, it’s going to be tough and it can be a long road! However, the end result is even GREATER than you’re the obvious change in your physique! By engaging in the hard work it takes to change your body, you will realize just HOW strong you truly are! When you find that inner strength, it will carry over into all aspects of your life. Your new found strength will help you become a better friend, wife, employee, mother or whatever it is you want to be. Don’t fear the work, embrace it and the life lessons you will learn along the way!

I’m Not Good Enough

If YOU don’t believe in yourself, then who will? It’s time to STOP cutting yourself down and stop creating imagined fears of inadequacy. The fitness level you want is ALREADY inside of you! It doesn’t come from anyone else, it isn’t something that other people were gifted with that you weren’t. It is inside of you WAITING for you to believe in yourself and gain the COURAGE to take the steps bring it out! Fear of inadequacy will get you nowhere. If you fear whether you have what it takes, turn it into an EXCITEMENT to prove to yourself that you indeed have the stuff to succeed!

Turtles know that even though the world is big and can be scary, they HAVE to stick their neck out to make it to their destination. It is time for YOU to conquer your fears and stick out YOUR neck to move forward and reach your goals. Wake up each and every day, and live the turtle’s life by sticking your neck out to become the BEST that you can be!


Sternberg, Robert J., The concept of intelligence and its role in lifelong learning and success. American Psychologist, Vol. 52(10), Oct, 1997. pp. 1030-1037, US: American Psychological Association


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