Bombshell Exercise of the Month: CABLE SQUATS

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The cable squat is an AMAZING booty exercise for your Bombshell Booty Building Arsenal!

Here is how it’s done:

  1. Choose a cable attachment that you are comfortable with. It can be the rope, straight bar, or single pulley (grab with both hands, interlocking fingers).
  2. Select weight. Because you will use your body weight to counterbalance the cable weight, it is ideal to choose a weight close to your own. If the weight is too light you will fall back when you lean away from the cable. 
  3. Face the cable machine, grab the selected attachment, and walk back 3-4 steps
  4. Lean back so that your weight is on your heels (The lean should be as if you would fall back if you let go of the cable)
    IMPORTANT: Do not use your arms to pull on the weight. Arms remain straight with soft elbows, chest lifted, knees at a direct 90-degree angle directly above the ankles.
  5. Sit BACK in to the movement as the cable weight is lowered.
  6. Shove your weight DOWN through your heels to stand back up against the weight.

Want a little extra resistance? Place your Bombshell Booty Band just above the knees. The extra tension will further engage your glutes.

Happy Bombshell Booty Building!

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