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By Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education & CEO-Founder Bombshell Fitness

When new Bombshell Fitness clients come on board, they are beyond excited and motivated to start their fitness journey and change their life by losing weight, learning how to eat clean, getting into the best shape of their lives and transforming their whole outlook on life.  I LOVE to see the excitement in their eyes, and their anticipation of amazing things to come never ceases to further motivate myself and my staff.  However, in some cases, too MUCH unrealistic, unbridled enthusiasm is a warning sign that their new venture may be short lived.  Making an abrupt, complete life change in one swoop with no wiggle room, can more often than not be recipe for failure.  We’ve heard so many new Bombshells espouse statements such as; “Looks like, I won’t be going out to dinner ever again” or “I better eat everything I want now before my new plan starts”. We know these are HUGE warning flags of a new program destined to fail.  Living a health and fitness lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle!  This means that in order to succeed, you must integrate this lifestyle into your LIFE!  Yes, many aspects of your life will change.  However, telling yourself that you will never enjoy an indulgent meal again, or that all of your favorite foods are forever off limits, is a surefire way down a road of frustration and unrealized dreams.  What is the formula?  In order to succeed long term, you must change your lifestyle and still LIVE your life!  Here are a few Bombshell Fitness tips to avoid the “all or nothing” fitness yo-yo and stay on track…for life!

  1. Weekly Treat Meal
    Life is too short to say that you will never enjoy an indulgent meal!  If you eat clean all week long, one or two moderate weekly treat meals are not going to derail your weight loss progress.  Simply substitute one meal a week with a moderate portion of something you truly enjoy and then get right back on track with your nutrition plan.  Remember, this is not “the last supper”, you do not need to eat everything you enjoy all at once in fear that you will never be able to have it again.  In a few days or a week, you will enjoy another meal, so don’t make a huge production over it!  Savor the meal with good company, and move forward! This behavior will also keep you from feeling the overwhelming need to “BINGE EAT”  because you will reduce your stress levels and your brain won’t keep sending signals of deprivation (that often triggers binge eating) because you will satiate your desires in moderation with YOU in CONTROL!
  2. Take Your Good Nutrition Habits WITH You!
    Stating that you can’t go out to dinner with family and friends, or that you must skip family functions due to the food on hand, will only make you miserable and will not last.  You can still attend these functions and stay on track!  Make healthy choices at the restaurant, choose a salad and a protein source at a family function or even bring your own food that you put on the same type of plate that everyone else is using.  Spending time with family and friends is about the COMPANY you keep, not the food on your plate!  So go, get out there!  Simply quietly eat what you know is within the parameters of your healthy meal plan.
  3. Cut the Drama!
    Making a grand production over your new lifestyle is a signal to your brain that it is not your “normal” way of life!  Posting pictures of your food prep on the internet, announcing to the world each time you hit the gym and playing the martyr each time you have a successful day does NOT trigger your brain to make these activities a habit!  Incorporate your new routine into your current life and GO!  By making these activities part of your regular day, they no longer feel like a deviation and you are MUCH more likely to stick with it! My philosophy at Bombshell Fitness has always been “Fitness is a Lifestyle. Not a Life ALTER”. Repeat that to yourself until it sinks in and you’ll do fine.
  4. Be KIND to Yourself!
    Understand that there WILL be moments that you fall off the wagon!  Rather than throwing in the towel for the day, week or YEAR due to being angry with yourself, simply hop RIGHT back on and keep going!  You are human, and everyone has moments of weakness.  The key is to understand what triggered the moment so that when/if it happens again, you can better handle the situation and NOT react in the same way.  Instead of punishing yourself, make a game plan and MOVE FORWARD with the next meal or workout. Most importantly, when you do have those moments of weakness, instead of berating yourself for “failing”, think back to the successes you’ve achieved so far, no matter how small, and focus on those! Positivity, not drama, is the best motivator you can draw from.

Living a healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle!  It must be a normal part of your daily routine in order to succeed for the long haul.  An “all or nothing” attitude can only set you up for failure.  By taking an approach to fitness that incorporates your new habits into your current lifestyle, long-term success is YOURS for the taking!

And remember, someday is NOT a DEY of the Week!

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