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Hey Bombshell!!

Let’s bring in that TINY waist! That’s right! Training your upper back (adding width) will make your waist appear smaller!

Lat pulldowns are a GREAT back width exercise that you can do with MANY different variations!

Here are a few to try:

  • Wide Grip: Grip the bar using 1 and a half times the width of your shoulders as reference (this is a wide grip for your body size).
  • Close Grip: Grip the bar using your shoulder width as reference (this is a close grip for your body size).
  • Reverse Grip: Grip the bar same distance as the close grip variations but with palms facing up.

When utilizing the above three grips, you may lean back SLIGHTLY at the bottom of the movement and then stretch THROUGH the lats at the top of the movement.

Be sure not to swing or lean excessively back.

  • Pulldown to Top of the Head: Using the wide grip variation. Sit up straight and pull bar down to top of the head and back up. This is a small, controlled movement.

When performing this variation you will want to stay completely upright with no lean.


  1. Be sure to contract your BACK to pull the weight, rather than utilizing your biceps.
  2. It is helpful to think about attempting to “flare your armpits” when bringing the bar to your chest, this will help you learn how to activate the lats.
  3. Hold the bar loosely with your hands, almost as if they are a hook. Grasping the bar too tightly will result in the forearms becoming fatigued.

Happy Back Building Bombshell!!
Please consult a Physician before beginning any exercise program.

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