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Daytona Beach, Florida – Jan. 26, 2015– Bombshell Fitness’ first Pageant Client, Miss USA Nia Sanchez, finished FIRST RUNNER UP in the Miss Universe® pageant Sunday, January 25th,, 2015 in Doral, Miami.

Ms. Sanchez has been training personally with Bombshell Fitness CEO/Founder Shannon Dey since Nia won the Miss Nevada contest in January 2014. That’s when she and Ms. Dey began training for the 2014 MISS USA pageant last June, where Nia earned her crown. Once crowned, Nia and Shannon continued to work hand-in-hand on her customized Bombshell training and nutrition programs in preparation for the Miss Universe competition.

While Bombshell Fitness is best known for sculpting winning women in the competitive Bikini and Figure divisions of the NPC/IFBB, Shannon Dey enthusiastically embraced the company’s surprising entry into the pageant industry.

Dey commented “Traditionally, beauty pageants contestants have not focused on strength training, muscle development and eating carbs, fats and proteins five times a day! But Nia is a 4th degree black belt in taekwondo so our specialized training system and clean nutrition regime did not faze her. Nia is a wonderful ambassador for empowering women all over the world to take control of their health, fitness and well-being. I could not be more proud of what Nia has accomplished and the inspiration she will provide to other pageant hopefuls in the future!”

Nia Sanchez was also recently ranked “#1 Pageant Swimsuit Body of 2014” by Pageant Planet for “just the right amount of muscle and curves”.

When Ms. Sanchez was asked by a twitter follower “how does one achieve that amazing body of yours?”— Nia responded “I ate 5 well balanced meals, and worked out 5-6 days a week. I had the perfect plan thanks to Bombshell!”.

In addition to training Nia Sanchez, Bombshell Fitness is now the Official Training Sponsor for 2015 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA State Winners, including Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

For more information, visit www.bombshellfitness.com and Bombshell Fitness on Facebook or contact Bombshell Fitness directly at https://bombshellfitness.com/about-us/contact-us/.

About Bombshell FitnessTM, LLC

Bombshell FitnessTM is a Health and Fitness Company founded in 2007 by veteran fitness specialist Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education/Doctoral Candidate Sports Psychology and IFBB Pro Athlete.

Ms. Dey developed the Bombshell Fitness Training SystemTMa unique and specialized combination of clean nutrition, weight training, plyometric workouts, cardiovascular training and 100% healthy supplements designed and customized exclusively for women of varying body types and fitness levels. With clients in 30 countries, Bombshell FitnessTM offers a wide variety of online training programs for Competitive and Non-Competitive athletes supported by a full-time Coaching Staff of IFBB PROS and Certified Nutritionist, as well as personal and group training programs year-round at Bombshell Camps and Academies hosted at their full-service complex in Daytona Beach. Team BombshellTM—is the largest and most prestigious Professional Competitive Fitness Training Team in the world. This elite team of all female athletes competes globally in the Fitness and Bikini Divisions of the IFBB and NPC, producing more IFBB PROS and NPC champions than any other training program in the world.


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