Traits For Fitness Success

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By Shannon Dey, M.S. Health Education & CEO-Founder Bombshell Fitness

Day in and day out at Bombshell Fitness we are immersed in coaching, training, counseling and mentoring women from all across the globe. We work with women of all ages from every possible demographic. From twenty year old women who are looking to become Fitness Industry superstars, to 60+ year old women who are working to defy the stereotypes and show the world that 60 is beautiful, we see success across the board.

I have seen incredibly gifted, beautiful young women with a near perfect genetic structure fail at their goals to be a top fitness model and end up living their lives forty pounds overweight.  I have seen women in their late 40’s defy the odds to take the NPC stage and beat a sea of women their daughters’ age to become an IFBB Pro.  I have watched average girls transform into superstars and role models to women all across the world, and I have also seen women possessing cover girl looks become bitter, angry and a role model to none because they self-destruct.

There are definite visible characteristics of the women who succeed.  Winning a show or gracing the cover of a fitness magazine is an incredible accomplishment, but it is not the type of success that I am talking about.  Defining success here at Bombshell is the accomplishment of reaching your fitness goals to become the healthiest and best that you can be. In a majority of women who find this success, the following traits can be found in their actions and outlook.

Successful Women Don’t Wait!

Women that succeed in their fitness goals realize there will never be the “perfect day” to get started.  These women realize that life simply “happens” each and every day.  Work deadlines, sick kids, the car breaks down, you name it and it happens. The difference is that the successful woman deals with the situation and continues on with her daily plan.  It may mean that she does her cardio at 8pm instead of 5pm or it may mean that her 4th meal is a bit late, but she still gets it in.  There is no throwing in the towel and stopping off for fast food or skipping the gym to wallow on the couch because life threw a curve ball.  The woman that succeeds finds a way to make it work CONSISTANTLY day in and day out, knowing that there will NEVER be a perfect day to start or follow her plan.  She lives fitness as part of her lifestyle not a life “alter” that she attempts to fit in when everything is going just right.

Food is Not the Focus

Another very strong trait of women who succeed at their fitness goals that I have observed over and over again is that they are not food obsessed.  When women come to our Bombshell Academy Camps, I can tell you who is going to succeed and who is going to struggle simply based on how their food smells!  To have a healthy metabolism that creates a nice, tight body you must eat 5-7 times a day.  The woman who realizes that these meals are fuel for her body and eats them clean and plain is the one who doesn’t struggle with weight.  The ones who has each of these 5-7 daily meals smelling like a gourmet feast with every flavor of spice known to man, almost always have trouble with their weight.  I am not saying that the girl who succeeds doesn’t enjoy food.  That is definitely not the case.  Life is too short not to enjoy an indulgent meal with family and friends from time to time.  She simply realizes that her weekend cheat meal is the time to indulge a bit and that plain food throughout the week will help her reach her goals.  By eating her food clean and plain throughout the week, she changes her taste buds to ENJOY the true taste of food WITHOUT all of the additives, and her cravings for fattening foods are greatly decreased.  It is amazing how after a few weeks of eating food clean and plain, sweet potato’s begin to taste sweet, plain chicken tastes salty and plain grilled steak is full of flavor.  By realizing that food is fuel throughout the course of a normal day rather indulgent experience, the woman who succeeds also thinks LESS about food and MORE about life!

Celebrating the Success of Others

Finally, women who are successful at their goals are truly happy when other women reach theirs.  They understand that the success of others should be celebrated and emulated, not cause them to feel worse about themselves.  This isn’t easy, we are human, and being happy for others reaching the same goals that you are working toward takes self-inventory and work.  But the women who succeed have found a way to truly be happy for the success of others and use that success to fuel them on their own personal journey.

Are you reading this feeling as if you are doomed because you do not posses these traits?  Don’t be!  None of the above characteristics come naturally!  These traits for success are NOT something that these women are simply BORN with!  Rather, they are conscious decisions on a daily basis that with work and dedication turn into habit and lifestyle.  YOU can have these traits.  YOU can succeed.  It is not easy to change your daily habits or outlook on food, but it CAN be done with mental focus and a clear goal.  Take an honest personal inventory and begin to adjust your MIND.  Your body will follow!

And remember, “Someday is NOT a Dey of the Week”

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